Cheney will be in GAINESVILLE WED!

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    Mar 3, 2004
    South FL
    Message I got from College Republicans @ UF:

    Vice President Cheney will be in Gainesville tomorrow! The Vice President will be attending a small town-hall meeting at Gainesville Harley-Davidson & Buell at Interstate 75 and NW 39th Avenue around 4 p.m.

    Planned Parenthood and Gators for Kerry are organizing a protest outside the event beginning at 3pm. We cannot let them win this one, guys. The VP is counting on us, we need a HUGE turnout. Remember how great our turnout was to the signwave last week when CNN was going to be filming? We need to be even bigger than that tomorrow! Obviously, I guarantee press will be present, and the party has told me that they will get CR's as close to the Vice President as possible.

    Most likely, this is the most important visitor we'll be having all year and our best opportunity to show what UF CR's can do. Bring every Republican friend you can find, this is huge.

    The liberals' protest will be starting at 3pm, so let's plan on showing up at 2:45. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of signs during the soggy signwave last week, so if you can make your own that would be wonderful, but we will provide as best we can! Wear a republican t-shirt!

    This is incredibly important, everyone. I've seen what you all can do - let's prove it once again! Pass this on to every Republican in the Alachua county area that you know.

    Let's show them what we can do,
    Hunter Williams
Thread Status:
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