Christmas haul

I sort of treated myself through all of the various Christmas specials: a new AR pistol with a 7.5” PSA upper, Anderson lower/parts kit, Magpul AFG hand stop, Hogue grip, SBA4 brace, Sig flip ups, and a Sig Romeo 5. Spent the morning installing the lower parts.


I have a complete 10.5” Radical upper in 7.62x39 on the way to share the lower build.
A while ago, a friend asked me to sell a 1947 "Long Action" M&P .38 revolver for him. I put it up for consignment and it sold for a decent price.
So, I had the pleasure of going to his house yesterday and handing him the money. He lives on disability and certainly needs the cash.
What was my Christmas haul?
That was it.
One of the best Christmas presents from my Son/DIL/Grandson... I'll be teaching the Grandson soon :cool:

Birthday was a week ago so combined I got a tabletop lathe for the purpose of doing some minor work on barrels and making some small parts. Along with the basic machine I got a bunch of gift cards which are going to flush out the lathe setup with additional tooling and a milling attachment for the cross slide so I can use it as a horizontal mill. I’ll order the milling attachment, some more endmills, some drill rod blanks, and some cheap material to practice on before I start cutting stuff I want to keep.

Long term goal is to get well enough acquainted with the setup to turn my 10-6 into a PPC sort of gun with a long heavy barrel, much better sighting setup, and then hopefully find another beater K frame to do a similar build on but in 32 long or 32 mag using a 30cal rifle barrel blank so I can use better bullets and try for more extreme accuracy and a bit higher pressure without worrying about the forcing cone. At some point along the way I also intend to build a couple barrel stubs for my contenders and do something interesting with them. The 32long idea likely would work better in that platform, but I really want a k32. IMG_8209.jpeg
...a borescope...
It's a cool gift and I hope you have fun with it. If you have any guns that currently shoot well and make you happy, don't stick that scope down the barrel. Makes you start to question things when you see chatter or inconsistent rifling. Some things are just best left unseen.
On Black Friday Academy had Blazer Brass on sale $12.99 for 50 rounds. A couple of weeks later it went up to $14.99 for 50. For around here that is a decent price for in the store. Between Black Friday & now I have been buying a couple hundred rounds every time I go in. I probably should have just bought 1000 rounds on the first trip.