CIA Mosin Nagant Archangel Type 53 7.62x54r

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Jan 19, 2014
Just purchased one of these from Bud's. Rumor has it that the magazines are a problem. If this is true I would like any feedback as to how you got yours to work properly and if the 5 round or 10 round mag. is better for whatever reason. It's a mosin nagant type 53 chinese model (m44) restored and put onto an Archangel stock.
I thought about getting one of these stocks in 2013, so I gathered all information I could find on them.

There seemed to be a problem with the polymer in some of the mags that lead to cycling issues. The guys from Archangel themselves offered this solution (which involves heating the mags in an oven):

I remember a youtube video by someone for whom this fix actually worked.

Archangel promised that the newer magazines won't have this problem, though (that was back in mid-2013).

This guy here had some other issues with his mags, but they also seem to have been fixed by Archangel:

This video is also from 2013. I think that the most common problems have been worked out by now.
Archangel = ProMag while the stock might be nice, its pretty rare in my experience that a ProMag magazine can be counted on.

Since the OP has already bought it, lets hope he reports back about the magazines.

I can probably list the ProMags that have worked well for me on one hand, all the others I've tried have ended up being used as reactive targets:

Metal Mini-30 10-round mags no issues at all!
Kahr K9 mags, but had to replace the springs after about a year, still useful at the range.
Plastic AK 5.56 30-round works in Norinco 5.56 AK, but I only have one, could be a fluke.
Para P10 .45ACP, bodies were usable after Para OEM springs and followers installed.

I'm embarrassed to own up to all the others I've tried in the process of reaching this conclusion.
It's my understanding that the guys at Archangel Manufacturing work, at least to some degree, independently from their mother company.

I used to have an Archangel Sparta stock for my Mini-14 and it was definitely a quality stock.
Mosin Nagant Archangel mags

I have four of the Archangel mags, 2 10 rd and 2 5 rd. I followed the instructions from Archangel to fix the feeding problem, spring problem and all works well. At least it is fixed.
Haven't received mine yet but, rumor has it that the stock really cuts down the recoil and compensates for the loss of the bayonet. We will see.
My main goal is a different way to load the mosin. If you have ever loaded one with stripper clips they sometimes like to take a bite outta your thumb lol
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