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Mar 15, 2014
Hey Folks

Just wanted to share my new revolver, a Colt model 357 first year 1954 in 4 inches. The back strap, top strap, bottom of trigger guard and frame, and cylinder flutes have a matte blue finish. The rest of the frame, cylinder, and barrel is polished blue. The end of the muzzle is not blued, polished stainless. Target hammer and target grips (checkered) with silver medallion.

This is the pre-Python, not the Troopers. In I-frame, internal parts are the same as the python.


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More pics


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What you describe was standard finish for Colt in that era.

Very nice indeed.
Although one little note, The first Trooper .357s (not the later Trooper MKIII & MKV) are this same gun with less finish work.
Trooper .357=Utilitarian revolver
3-5-7=Premium Revolver
Python=Super Premium Revolver
All had the same mechanism. Just increasing levels of finish and of course the Python got the vent rib, full lug barrel.
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Your gun also has full checkered target stocks, dual tone finish, target hammer, and early flat topped rear sight. Excellent revolver.
This is an often overlooked revolver. Not many were produced and they're getting more valuable every day. Think of it as a Python without the barrel shroud. If you are going to use yours as a shooter, you might consider changing the grips as the full checker grips have become incredibly valuable. You should also check the insides of the grips and see if they were marked with the gun's serial number. Mine were and that sealed the deal for me. They came off and were replaced with some clone grips for shooting purposes. Anyway you use the gun it is a really nice find.
Same as mine

I have got a model 3-5-7 4" as well. Bought it from a retired California Highway patrolman in 1995 for $175. Mine has a great deal of holster wear, but the double action is butter smooth. Inside of cylinders still are blue, as I don't think he fired anything but 38 specials in it and not very much of that.
Serial number dates mine at 1959. An oldey, but a goody.;)
Stop teasing!

That looks cool as all get-out, Congrats. I'm not familiar with the pistol and am fascinated by the post but your photos suck!

Let us see better photos dad gummit!
Congratulations. The 357 is one of the most misunderstood guns in the colt line. They are superb shooters and your first year is a real plus. I've often heard them mischaracterised as a pre python. Not true they were designed to be colts premium revolver and then colt outdid themselves and came out with the python a year or two later and the 357 was largely forgotten by the general public.
I have one with a 6" barrel that I carried my first tour in Viet Nam.

The Model 357 is essentially the Python, without the underlug and special bluing job. The smooth action and superb trigger make it one of the finest revolvers going.
Yeah, I'd lie to see other's pics as well.

I wonder if I've ever blown past one of these thinking it was an Iver Johnson or H&R due to barrel and sight similarities.
Little holster wear and I think it should have service grips judging by the round head side-plate screw under the left panel. Other than that, solid old Colt for less than $300. :D


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