Colt Government 380, Siberian Mammoth Ivory from NC Ordinance


Apr 14, 2008
I inherited this gem a couple of months ago from my Father-N-Law. It was his carry piece for over 25 years. Yesterday, I put a set of Siberian Mamouth Ivory grips from NC Ordinance on it. My Father-N-Law would definitely approve.

The grips are beautifully colored. The fit and finish is top shelf quality. Price was reasonable, shipping was super fast, and their Customer Service knocked it out of the park. Great Company.


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Sorry for your loss, but he must have thought a lot about you.
That beautiful piece is a family heirloom for sure, and those grips are perfect for it.

Mine is just the plain blued version, but they certainly are nice little pistols:View attachment 1210437
Yeah, we had a unique relationship. Bill and myself were good friends, rode motorcycles together. My wife's Dad had passed away several years before. Bill's wife passed away suddenly from pneumonia right before he retired. A year or so later I introduced them. Thought it might be someone to go eat with... Several months after that they married. Spent their retirement years together (25) touring the country on motorcycles, taking cruises, you name it.

Lot of folks don't like their in-laws, I always said, I picked half of mine.

That's a mighty fine looking Colt Government .380! I went with faux ivory to spiff up the appearance of my Colt Mustang.
Dang enablers!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl:

Now I want to get a set of ivory grips for my old Llama IIIA and my Sig P938.