Colt Python 2020 vs. Colt King Cobra Target

Other guns might be "just as good" and they are really. Heck, I've owned examples of most of them over the years. I've never seen one I didn't like. But I wanted a Python when I went to buy my first handgun back about '78 or 79 or so. I was surprised to find out a Python then, cost about twice as much as a Model 19. I did the sensible thing and got the Model 19. And it was, as is a great gun. But it really wasn't what I wanted. I had, and have no particular reason to "want" a Python. I didn't really think they were any "better" than any other 357 revolver. But they were a Python. That was just enough to give me an itch that I never really scratched. I love the look. I love the feel. Heck, I'll admit it and say I love the panache.

Oh, I had one of the "old Pythons" for a while. A 1964 model, with a 4" barrel, and Colt's Royal Blue finish. It was everything I thought it would be. It didn't shoot any better than any other 357 I owned, (more accurately I should say I didn't shoot it any better) or had owned, but it was "my Python." Alas, I lost my job and had to sell off a lot of guns. The Python was one of the first to go. After all, it was a "logical" decision. I could get the most for it. It would sell the fastest (it did). And I had other guns that were "just as good." I still hated to sell it.

When they announced the Python was coming back, I knew I'd be at the head of the line. I was, and now I've got two, and am thinking I'm going to get another one before too long. A 3" this time I think. No real reason other than to shoot some wadcutters at the range, and wax at night while watching TV. I "need" it as much as I "need" the other two.
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