Colt SAA, Nickel or blue?

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Personally I prefer the look of Colt SAA with case-hardened frame & blued cylinder, barrel, back-strap, & trigger guard, but if you want to shoot it and still retain most of it's value, then nickled is the way to go. The finish is more durable & cleans up easy, where as bluing wears & case-hardening fades the more you shoot it. Usually if you have problems with nickle plating flaking off, it was a poor job done by the factory. Just my opinion, LM.
If you can keep the nickel looking good, or keep the gun in a case, nickel looks great. But nickel is a soft metal and IMHO, chipped, peeling, scratched or worn nickel looks a lot worse than the wear on a blued gun.

Blue & color case for me.

The nickle ones shine like a lighthouse when out in the sun, and it is near impossible for me to see the sights for accurate shooting.

Besides, a blue & case Colt looks like a Colt should look.
A nickle one looks too much like a Ruger stainless steel New Model.

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