Compatability with Lyman M die and Lee seating die

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Aug 12, 2010
Kansas City MO
I'm chasing a problem shaving lead/coated lead when belling/flaring/seating with Lee die's (.45ACP, .38Super, 9mm Luger, 10mm).

I can put so much flare with a lee die, it still shaves lead/coating, yet just barely will enter the seating die; excessive flair.

I added a Lyman M die with the 2 step plug, set it up over a couple of attempts and checking cases, I got the second step of the plug to enter the brass 1/16th as shown/directed. Set a bullet on/in the case and think "wow this is much better than the Lee universal exp/powder thru die". :what:

Change to the Lee seat die (it is set/backed out just enough for no crimp as I taper crimp separately).

...The case mouth is flared/belled/expanded so much that it won't enter the seating die. Not at all. It's like the seating die "mouth" is undersized...?
yes, bayou bullets and missouri bullets all verified,, .452

In fact, disregard, I've had more than enough headaches trying to futz around with cast and coated lead...moving back to plated. Thanks anyway.
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