Considering RCBS Piggyback 4 need advice

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Aug 16, 2003
I have slowly worked my way up from my RC Supreme Master Reloading Kit and am now interested in a progressive to increase volume and save time. I started on the single stage to get to intimately understand each stage in the reloading process and it is a great tool for that.

I have been reading about the Piggyback 4 conversion kit for the RC Supreme and am interested. For about $200 I can add a progressive and basically re-use many of the components I already have.

The question is this, I know there have been some problems with the Piggyback 1 and 2 but I've been told the Piggyback 3 and 4 work. Is there anyone out there who owns either the Piggyback 3 or 4 who can give me some of the pros/cons of the unit. I would like to know whether this is a good choice, or whether I should look elseware, like at Dillon or Hornady LNL.

Thanks in advance for the assist with this...
i don't have a 3 or 4 but i do have a couple of piggy 2's and an ammo master.....the difference is that a regular rockchucker will operate a piggy 1,2 and 3....the piggy 4 is taller and requires a longer stoke than a regular rockchucker is able to furnish....the rockchucker supreme is a taller loader and offers the longer stroke that a piggy 4 needs to resize 30-06 ect........i like it when people talk ugly about piggy2's so i can buy them cheaper. By the way...the piggy 3 and 4 are not auto index.....if i can't get auto index i don't want'em.....i'd just as soon have one of them blue ones......The best kept secret of RCBS loaders is the ammo'll load all rifle just sold new on ebay for 275...the only features it lacks when compared to a dillon 650 is auto case's even got the warranty......hope that helps....D I C K
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