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Constitution for liberals

Discussion in 'Activism' started by bk42261, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. bk42261

    bk42261 Member

    Sep 10, 2010
    Mods, if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move. Just my thoughts.

    UNITED STATES BILL OF NEEDS (by amendment)

    * Please note, these “rights” only apply to Citizens of the United States. Any “inhabitants” of the United States who are “undocumented inhabitants” need pay no heed as these rules do not apply.

    1st No citizen NEEDS to be able to be able to publish any opinion dissenting with Government Policy, except in an approved and accredited “news source or magazine”, or by any other readily available Means ,except, after proper application, licensing, and editing, and only after the “appropriate authority” has reviewed such material, and the applicant has passed “appropriate” and sanctioned BACKGROUND
    CHECKS to ensure accuracy.

    Further, no citizen NEEDS to “publically assemble” without the appropriate application(s) having been filed and approved with the assigned local, state ,and federal authorities, and having paid such fees as are deemed “appropriate” and ALL PARTICIPANTS passing Background Checks, to ensure Public Safety.

    Citizens MAY ONLY attend Church Services of ANY KIND OR DENOMINATION with the proper and appropriate application(s) as mentioned above having been completed, and the Person or Persons presiding over said Services have completed a satisfactory BACKGROUND CHECK, to prevent any possible public outcry or demonstration by other religions or alternate beliefs.

    2nd No citizen NEEDS any type of firearm, or other potentially deadly weapon, without the express approval of all local, state, and federal authorities, passing “appropriate” Background Checks, and paying any “appropriate fees” for the purchase, ownership, and storage of the weapon(s).

    The Official(s) so designated by local, state and/ or federal authority shall determine what ,if any, each citizen shall be allowed to purchase, possess, and/or use, and the correct storage, transportation, and usage of such weapons as shall be allowed.

    3rd No citizen NEEDS to be exempt from being forced to house, shelter, feed, or otherwise attend to the comfort and well-being of any military soldiers, BE THEY U.S. or UNITED NATIONS SANCTIONED Soldiers, as the needs of authorities shall demand. No citizen shall question the religious beliefs or affiliation with any organizations of the Soldiers assigned to their keeping, nor shall interfere or otherwise Impede with the Soldiers’ expressions or daily devotions to the Soldiers’ religious beliefs and/or customs.

    4th No citizen shall under any circumstances deny the entry into their homes, vehicles, or places of business or religion to ANY law-enforcement official, or ANY OTHER DESIGNATED Official for purposes of “investigation“, at any time, nor shall the Official be required to give cause, except that such search is for the “common good” of the People as a whole.

    5th All citizens shall truthfully answer any and all questions put to them at any time for any reason by ANY police officer, Officer of the Court, or any other Public Official.

    No citizen shall refuse to surrender ANY PROPERTY that is demanded of them by any aforementioned Official, if such Official shall claim it is necessary in the furtherance of any investigation. Shall said property be used in prosecution of any crime, and found by the Court to be seized “in error” By the Official, and citizen cleared of any alleged crime thereby, the Officials may continue, renew, or begin again the investigation of such alleged crime with no prejudice from the Court.

    6th As some criminal cases are intensive in their investigation, and may cause undue Public Alarm, certain crimes may need to be dealt with through the Court System without the witness(es) appearing before the Court, and the alleged criminal(s) may need to be held in “protective custody” for extended periods of time, in the interest of Public Safety, and with no attorney, to preserve the secrecy of the evidence, and promote the Welfare of the Public.

    7th Any and all civil cases presented to the Court shall be subject to further criminal prosecution, as deemed necessary by the Court, for the Public Good.

    8th As some crimes, especially those committed with firearms, are especially injurious, bail shall be set solely at the discretion of the Court, and fines shall be increased as the Court determines is necessary.

    In some cases, for the Public Good, interrogation techniques not usually employed may be deemed necessary by the Court for the Public Good, and their employment shall be neither be exposed to nor questioned by the general populace.

    9th Any other “rights” presumed to be held in abeyance to the States, and specifically, to the People, shall be subject to prior approval and review by the Court.

    10th Any rights presumed to be held separately by the various States, and especially by the Peoples of the various States, shall be subject to prior approval and review by the Court.
  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    0 hrs east of TN
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