Couple pics of my new 556

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Dec 10, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
Well I thought I'd share a couple pics of my new Sig 556 Holo. I was going to wait until my clear mags arrived but I couldn't resist taking a few pics. I waited a long time for this rifle to arrive and I got to shoot it yesterday for the first time. I ended up selling my Bushmaster AR to get to it so I was a little nervous that I would regret that decision but after shooting it I'm quite satisfied with my decision. I added a YHM rear flip-up sight to it and decided to go with an Aimpoint instead of the Holo sight Sig included.


Excellent Gun.

I've had mine for about a 3 weeks and I couldn't be happier. A little front-heavy, but the smoothness of operation makes up for it several times over.
I really like the look of these - sort of like the battle rifle from the future. :)

How are they like to shoot and also to maintain compared to AR-15s?
How are they like to shoot and also to maintain compared to AR-15s?

Disassembly isn't quite as quick and easy as an AR but its not bad. As most people point out it is a little front heavy and the mag that came with the gun is a POS so I ordered a bunch of Lancer clear mags to kind of keep with the the Sig rifle image, they should arrive any day now.

I think my biggest complaint about the overall design in comparison with the AR is the mag release. Its just a tad too far forward so its not as easy to reach as on an AR, although I suppose if you have longer fingers than I do it wouldn't be a problem.

I really like trigger on the 556, it's far better than the trigger that was on my Bushmaster AR. There also seems to be a lot less felt recoil in the 556 than there was in my AR.

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to actually test out the rifle at any significant range so I can't comment on its accuracy yet. I was killing pumpkins at close range the first time I took the rifle out:D
Nice rifle and great pics. A friend of mine has one and I think I'm going to buy it off him in a couple of months.

A little front-heavy

Put a Magpul PRS stock on it and it balances out really well.
Nice! If I had the $$$, I'd get a 556, but I"ve heard they're going to be putting out one soon that replicates the original 550 furniture.

Ah well. Nice pictures!

F stop of f/29

And a 30 second exposure!

Dam nice camera and gun!

Ill take both!
If I was to get a poodle shooter, I think it would be the SIG. I've handled one a couple of times and noticed it was a little front heavy, but very smooth. It seemed very well built, and as a lefty, I appreciated the ambi safety. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay.

A month ago, last time I checked, they were selling locally for just under $1400.
I couldn't make anything out in the original pics without working them over with HP photo and imaging software


nice equipment :cool:
I couldn't make anything out in the original pics without working them over with HP photo and imaging software

Yeah my intention was to make them very dark. They were photographed in very low light with a long exposure and then worked over a little in Photoshop. If your monitor is calibrated correctly they should look fine. There should be very little shadow detail, the main focus is on the highlights.
needs a beauty mark!

Beautiful side folder, but it needs a beauty mark just to the rear or the ejection port, mine is scarred for life. Electrical tape can prevent or postpone the marks left by the shells pinging off the receiver... but why.
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