Crimson Trace for SP-101

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Feb 19, 2005
Arlington, VA
Recently got a pair of Crimson Trace grips for my Ruger SP-101, but when I put them on I found it was 1) difficult to pick up the damn gun without the light going on, even when I didn't want it to go on. And, 2) the gun seems like it would be uncomfortable when shooting full power loads. I've never fired my SP-101, but people tell me the stock grips, though comfortable in the hand, just don't feel all that great when shooting magnum loads.

Anyone have any advice about the above?
I have the full size CT grip with the master switch on the bottom. They hande magnums fine. If you got the boot grip size, magnums may suck to shoot a little. Stout 38's may be a better option.
Master switch?.....

My Taurus small frame snub CT laser worked fine on my Protector Ti .357magnum in 2004.
It had a master switch on the unit that I could use quickly.
The big - I had with the lasergrip was the tiny metal screws that stuck out. I reset the factory laser for my left hand/left eye.
These minor changes caused my skin to tear slightly with powerful +P or magnum rounds. :uhoh:
My carry load(s) for the Protector snub were MagSafe SWAT .38spl +P & the Buffalo Bore 158gr lead SWC-HP +P.
I didn't keep the Total Ti sniper grey .357magnum very long. It wasn't the revolver but money issues that made me get rid of it. Taurus USA cut the Ti format Protectors about 2/3 years later.
I have two SP101's, a snubbie and a 4", both in .38/.357. The snubbie is a bit lively with .357s but the larger gun is fine. (And I'm 59, female, with rheumatoid arthritis, so...) I am not find of Crimson Traces. Had them on a Kimber and they really seemed to not be worth the bother. There are better ways of brightening up your front sight to see at night, IMO.
I think I'm going to get some larger rubber grips. I hate to because I really like the size and feel of the stock grips. The result will be a small gun with huge grips. That alone should convince Ruger to produce a medium-frame 6-shot .357 that's a little smaller and lighter than the Speed-Six but larger than the SP-101.

I too have the ct grip with the master switch on the bottom. Two sizes were available when I got mine and I opted for the larger because of the 357 loads. I also applied Nitesiters to my sights wich I truly enjoy. The illumination on the sights are great for easy acquisition in low light. The ct is helpful for training but illuminated open sight are better IMO .
If you got the boot grip size, magnums may suck to shoot a little. Stout 38's may be a better option.

I have the hard plastic boot grip Crimson Trace on an aluminum framed .38 snubby. It for sure lets you know you are shooting something stout with +Ps. I can only imagine how a .357 would feel with the same grip. Hopefully the weight of the SP101 would offset it a little.
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