CRKT Crawford Kasper

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Sep 20, 2004
Peoples Republic of California
What should I use to sharpen this knife, its kept its edge extremely well over the last year, Its due for a sharpening. I went to big five and all they had were those plastic handled things you run the blade through. (My uncle gave me a stone to sharpen with but I lost it). Which stone should I use, and where is a good place to get one? Are the plastic things i described any good? Im in the dark here, i would greatly appreciate some advice from experienced people. BTW, its non serrated.
I also have the Lansky and it does a great job on my Crawford/Kasper folder.

brad cook
Got the Sharpmaker, the Lansky, and the Gatco. They all work well if you have the motor skills of a chimp.
Sometimes I think that knife sharpening is becoming a lost art with all the doodad sharpeners that do it for you. I’ve been sharpening using stones for so many years I would never buy one of those, myself. Once you learn how to use a stone you can do just about anything with them. There is also the personal satisfaction and enjoyment of it, at least for me. I don’t own a knife that you couldn’t lather up and shave with and then go out and butcher a deer. They would be good for serrated knives, but I would never own another anyway. I guess I’m just too old to change and will pass off the flag to the new and up and comers.
Using stone for sharpening

Piney, I use stone also, and won't change. However, an unskilled guy can mess up a blade in a hurry with a stone. By that, I mean laying the blade over too much and hitting the top of the blade with the stone and marring it. If you are gonna try to learn to use a stone, practice on an old knife that you don't mind scarring. I would never recommend that someone try to use a stone on a high priced knife without lots of practice first.
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