"Custom" 1911 issues

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Jun 6, 2016
Bought a used one as a project... tons of issues. I fixed some, but there's one I can't figure out. It's a series 70 springfield with a bunch of wilson stuff on it. had trouble feeding until I beveled the extractor, and mags wouldn't drop free until i filed down the grip screw bushings.

There's a wilson hammer I think in there. I'm not sure about the sear, disconnector, or spring.

The hammer drops from cock when I pull the trigger if half cock is achieved through pulling the hammer back, or dropping the hammer to half from full, even without activation of the grip safety. The grip safety functions when the hammer is fully cocked. If I move it to half by pulling the slide back, the hammer will not drop when I pull the trigger.

The hammer will drop all the way onto the firing pin if I let the hammer fall from 3/4 back.

I can actually force the hammer forward from half cock by applying some force to the hammer. I cannot force the hammer forward if half cock is achieved by racking the slide slightly back.

The trigger is pretty light.

Thanks for any advice. Or maybe someone can direct me to a smith near ft benning georgia



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You may be misusing the term custom. It sounds like a gun with a bunch of parts thrown at it and not fitted. It was probably a better gun factory stock in whatever configuration it came in.
You can probably "reassemble" the trigger group on the right side of the frame (on the outside) using the same frame pin holes and get an idea of how things are lining up. Hopefully this will reveal any issues.

Also, Dykem is your friend when testing it properly assembled in the gun. YouTube can probably explain that process better than I can if you are not familiar with using Dykem.
It appears to me from your blurry photo your hammer intercept (half cock) safety notches are missing.

It also appears you flat spring has very little curve on the left life, which applies pressure to the sear.

I think you best bet is order a new hammer, sear, and sear spring, and possibly a new grip safety too, if it isn't working either.

Or find a pistol smith who knows his stuff and let him make it safe again.

Or, send it back to Springfield and let them make it new, and safe again.

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