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May 10, 2009
Cordova, TN
I have been around Japanese Cutlery for few years. I have friends that are Sushi chefs. I have seen what a Sashimi Knife can do. The sharpness and control of of single edge has amazed me. I have used this style knife in my kitchen for over two year. It is my go to knife, every time. I love to cook and I love Knives, my family has enjoyed my Chef's Knives, now it is your turn.

Blade is .070 Brad Vice Alabama Damascus
RC is 57-58.
Grind is a Convex Single Grind with a Secondary Edge.
Blade Length is 4 7/8''
Overall is 9 1/2''''
Knife is only 5/8'' Thick.
Construction is Full Tang
Handle is Black and Blue G-10 G10.
Pins are Stainless Steel

My Warranty.
I have a no non-sense Guarantee, you break it under normal use. I Promise I will fix or replace it as long as I am able to work in the shop. Plus if for any reason you are ever unhappy with it. Send it back to me for a "FULL REFUND" Because I don't make a knife I wouldn't love to own.


HSO, I would say like any other Carbon Knife. You have to keep it oiled and clean. I have read that most Chefs actually prefer Carbon Steel over Stainless Steels. I don't, but I am a knife guy first and cook second.
Knife is only 5/8'' Thick

When I first read this I was thinking the broadness of the blade but now I know this is wrong.....

Hopefully the typo was supposed to be 1/8"
The blade is .070 thick, not 5/8, but you all knew that already.
The blade is 1 9/16'' wide. Thank you for all the compliments. Yes, this one is for sale. Email on it way.
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