Cylinder & Slide Dunk-Kit

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May 5, 2005
Has anyone used the Dunk-Kit cleaning system sold by Cylinder& Slide?

Is so, would you recommend it and what size would you recommend for revolver and pistol cleaning.

Had it. Was ok. Good for general cleaning. Barrel needs more than DK, though, to remove lead. I decided to go with non-toxic cleaners, in the end. Thought it would be better for my health.


It works ok...but you can make your own solvent that works at least as well (and IMHO better) for significantly less money.

In a metal can (DO NOT USE PLASITIC) Mix:

1 qt. kerosene
1 qt. Type III Automatic Transmission Fluid
1 qt. Turpentine (or mineral spirits)
1 qt. Acetone

I use a pan that was made to catch motor oil from a car as a cleaning pan and put small parts in a metal collander.

Have never seen anything clean like this stuff and it will remove lead from barrels as well.

After use I decant the solution back into the metal can I keep it in, and the amount of crud it has removed from the guns I cleaned is amazing.

Do remember to remove wood or plastic grips from guns before cleaning.


I use equal parts kerosene, mineral spirits, and ATF fluid. I store it in a plastic bucket with a snap on lid.

Works great...

ed's red is fine, but it does smell rather strongly.
i have for several years simply soaked gun parts
in odorless mineral spirits which has worked very nicely.
after shooting > 500 rounds thru my AR 15 i field strip
it and completely submerge it in the odorless mineral
spirits for 10-15 minutes. upon returning, i scrub the
parts as i would have to clean them and they all clean up
very nicely.
if you use a soak system,you still have to clean the guns,
but it takes all the fuss out of it.
CXM - How does this "stuff" work on composite materials ie Glock?
I wouldn't recommend it. The acetone, especially, is hostile to plastics. The plastic in a Glock is very resistant to chemicals, but there is a limit to everything.

That being said, I use Ed's Red (the formula in CXM's post) with acetone in it to clean my P99. The P99's plastic frame is, I believe pretty much the same sort of plastic as a Glock has. I do not soak it, though, and I try to keep the Ed's off of the plastic and wipe it off quickly. No damage so far.

Some people mix Ed's Red without the acetone, which makes it much friendlier to plastics. I'd still be wary of soaking a plastic frame, though.
Use Poly Dunk-it for polymer based guns. Just field strip and place in the container for about an hour. I give a quick brush off and blow dry with my air compressor. Works like a charm.
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