CZ 82 chipped grips

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Feb 20, 2019
Odeasa, Texas
Well I finally took the plunge on a 9x18 gun (my 1st ever in this mm). It's a CZ 82 made in 1988.

I picked it up today and was surprised it came with an awesome leather holster, as well as a very well made spare mag pouch. The mags (12 rd) are marked with cross swords. Minimal finish flake and over all in pretty nice shape.

Now the best part..... it was 217$ with shipping, hell the holster feels worth 50$!!

Advertised on J&G for 199.99 for chipped grips (think aim had them as well) I cant recommend these enough, mine had a chip on one side that is no larger than 1/4 inch in the upper corner. My FFL dealer was admiring it with all it's goodies since he had never seen one before.

One of the best milsurp deals I have seen since the 69$ mosins!!! I test fired a full mag just to see how it works and it fired all 12 like clockwork,I just wanted to let my old pals here know that I believe these are a pretty slick deal.
This will probably get moved to a handgun section. They are very nice pistols. Mine got a lot of use in the last ammo crunch as 9x18 was still available. Mine runs everything from high end defensive ammo to steel case without issue. You should pick up a spring kit while they are still available and inexpensive. There are a couple of small, delicate springs prone to wear and breakage. Some really nice aftermarket grips are available.
Thanks for the info on these pistols, also sorry for posting in the incorrect location. Do you have a source for the spring kits you mentioned? I have heard horror stories about the sear spring (the little coiled one) and people having a very very bad time at replacing it. Also I have ordered a replacement wolff spring in 16.5 LB which comes with a XP firing pin spring.

Are there any other springs that I should change just as preventative maintenance?
The CZ 82 is a interesting design that is neither fish or fowl for American shooting tastes. I brought one, sold it to a friend so I ordered me one.

Mine is very accurate comfortable gun. However it is on the large size for conceal carry for the power of the 9x18 cartridge and too small for American LEO’s. The double action or cocked and locked features are novel and seem to work well.
Just going to throw my two cents in here. I had a CZ83 for awhile. And while I loved the gun, couldn't get over my grips constantly cracking. Went through the originals, a fancier set of woods from MarschalGrips and another set of factory plastics. Maybe it was a quirk of mine, YMMV.

Anyway, before you spend too much, get a cheap set. I would suggest going to TillanderGrips and make sure your firearm doesn't have the same quirk. I'm not affiliated with them. I had him make a few things and found them to be a durable resin.

Good luck with your CZ! If you go the route I suggested, let me know how it goes. Maybe I'll get another 82/83 if it works out.
I was curious why so many had cracked grips that century could warrant selling "cracked" as a grade of pistol. I assumed it was from the importer attempting to remove the grips while the safety was down but after taking KevininPa's post into account it seems that maybe grip cracking is an inherent issue with the CZ82/83.

I cant wait to get to the range and find out how it groups. The rear sight has been "adjusted" or at least bumped over so it may be dead on or may require driving the rear sight, we shall see. I have some fiocchi 9x18 and monarch brand on the way. The issue seems to be finding time to hit the range!

All and all so far I am proud of this gun and I think it should serve me well for a long time to come!

I just want to say how appreciative I am for all of the members on this forum and all the help you all have given me. Happy veterans day to everyone on here who has served. "ALL THE WAY!!!" with the 82nd airborne.
I got wood grips for my CZ 83 which cracked pretty quickly. I still need to find the original grips to put back on it. They are very good guns. One of the most comfortable 380 guns I have shot.
Bought a 82 from Classic in 2012. I’m pretty sure it was $200.00 and for $10.00 more they would look through their inventory and send you the most pristine one. I had my doubts but paid the extra $10.00. I was surprised when it came because there wasn’t a single mark on it I could find. It also came with the other stuff in the picture. I liked it so much I bought a NIB 83. Good timing cuz I bought the 83 in November and CZ discontinued them in January. Guess I’ve been lucky because I haven’t had grip issues. I also haven’t shot them much. I’d purchased a 75 SP-01 Tactical a year earlier and purchased a P-07 three years later. I’m not a handgun person per se but I do have a thing for CZ’s and a weird thing for blowback .380’s that are larger than they need to be. I also have a Sig P232, a Bersa Thunder and a Beretta Cheetah that my sister has had on loan for a looong time. I also have a weird thing for Colt Snubbies with ejector rod shrouds.

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I do have a couple of chips in my grips. Not cracks, chips. Small dish shaped divets, like you get in really old glass. They weren't there when I got the pistol. I can tell you the OEM plastic on these grips is subject to such chipping in extreme cold, like below zero. That is when mine happened, while open carrying on a snowmobile run. They are purely cosmetic. Guessing the grip chips on these handguns currently for sale have similar origin from service use.
chipped grips

maybe grip cracking is an inherent issue with the CZ82/83

First of all, congratulations on a good purchase. CZ82 is a simple, durable handgun in an oddball caliber that will keep you shooting, even through the worst ammo droughts. Steel cased ammo keeps it fun so you don't have to round up your brass. Even if you do reload, as long as you can get .364" bullets, a reloader can even fireform 9Luger brass to 9Mak. It's a compact size handgun that exceeds 380 acp power (though, admittedly, not by much).

They do have their inherent issues, though. The easy one is the sights - a fresh coat of paint on the rear dots and the front ramp bring life to the yellowed sights. The grip cracking is just inherent with shooting the handgun. The grips are thin and the frame exhibits some flex. If plastic grips crack, wood grips will even more so. It's very common to see cracking at the grip screw. CZ sells plastic grips for replacement. I see that you already have the 16lb Wolff recoil spring. That and firing pin spring are simple to change and make an immediate difference. Then there is the finish. Unlike the blued 83, the 82's finish is gun paint. So, even if you have a pristine one (now), it is still subject to eventual bubbling, flaking, etc that is inherent to painted metals. It's also been mentioned with the terms patience and doable, but I would suggest not to disassemble the handgun beyond field stripping if you don't have to. It's not that it is impossible, it's just not as easy as today's polymer striker fired that's designed for modularity and aftermarket parts. If you got to be too much, CZ used to accept the bag of parts and reassemble for a fee.
The CZ 82 has polygonal rifling which is a big plus for some people. I’ll never shoot my 82 enough for it to make a difference.
Cdb1 those are some very fine pistols! Mine shows much more holster wear but the surfaces and moving parts inside are pristine. Also interesting your holster is different than the one mine came with. Mine is the black leather one marked with the big circle Z.

How do you like the cheetah? I seen them for sale under 2 bills but the .32 cartridge kind of deterred me away from it, they do look cool though.

Cougar1717 I had not thought about the ammo availability!! Being this is my first 9mak chambered pistol I never really paid attention to the ammo. It would be be nice to keep blasting steel case if we see another drought.

I have had it far enough apart to know I didn't want to go further unless it was necessary. Not quite a 1911 under the hood of this one haha.

I've tossed around the idea of a refinishing it (it does have a fair amount of flake) but I kind of like the look of it until some of that stuff flakes into the action, that is my only concern with the finish. I have seen some people have success with a cold blue on these guns and without full disassembly of the gun but further research is needed!
How do you like the cheetah? I seen them for sale under 2 bills but the .32 cartridge kind of deterred me away from it, they do look cool though.

Mine is a .380. I could be wrong but I believe many more Cheetah’s have been produced in .380 than .32 ACP. Appearance is generally not high on my list of criteria when purchasing a firearm. I’ll fess up though in this case because I think Cheetah’s are seriously cool looking and their looks played a large role in my purchasing decision.
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