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Sato Ord

Mar 21, 2008
Melbourne Florida
Okay guys, I don't own this site I'm recommending. I don't get a nickel kickback from Steve, though I have known him for quite a while and he's a great guy, and his wife Kimmy is one of the sweetest ladies on the planet.

Most people are getting $75 to $125 and inch for a good Damascus blade: Steve's average price is about $25 - $50 an inch. He doesn't make his living off of making knives, it's just one of his passions.

Check him out at http://ironflower.com/index.htm

Sorry, I haven't got this forum all figured out yet and couldn't figure how to post that as a URL, just copy and paste it. If you like finely crafted Damascus it's a site worth visiting.

I own a four inch utility knife that I carry on my belt every where I go. It's good steel and does everything I expect a good utility knife to do. There's just something about using a wonderful tool like that that you know someone put a lot of care into hand making. It's the knife equivalent of wearing a Rolex.

I'm thinking seriously about having him make me a nice set of kitchen knives. I would love to have, made out of Damascus, a chef's knife, a nice utility knife, and big carving knife, and just because no one else has one - a Damascus meat fork:D.

I'll talk to him next week and get his thoughts on making some Damascus folding knives.

Edited: Okay, silly me, the URL posted that way automatically and it seems to work fine.
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