Dan Wesson 744 or Model 44: Any Good?

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So with Dan Wesson becoming the flavor of the month on here, and already being convinced owner of Dan Wesson 15-2 357, I'm curious about their 44 Magnums.

I have a Red hawk 44 w 5 in ported barrel
A Super Redhawk 44 with a 7.5 inch barrel
S& W 629 PC fluted 8 3/4" barrel
S&W 629 PC Mag Hunter (2 tone w muzzle brake).

Does anyone here have any experience with the Dan Wesson 744 or Model 44?
I'm an avid deer Hunter and even though I've kind of got 44 covered, if they're 44 Magnums are as good as their 357 I'd love to add one to my stable.

I believe the Dan Wesson 15-2 is the best bang for the buck n 357 especially for hunting or Target use.

Is that also true for the 744 or Model 44 or any other versions of a Dan Wesson 44 Magnum for the same purposes?
What's a reasonable price range and where would you recommend I try to find one?

How do the Dan Wesson 744 and Model 44 or any other 44 they make stack up to the revolvers I listed that I have?
Dan Wesson and a couple of other owners name builds that have great reputations tend to keep them. Even through the higher price tags et. al. Dan Wesson id definitely one.
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