daughters in a photo contest and needs votes bad

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Nov 1, 2010
Ok everyone. Over the next 2 days ,I would appreciate if you could take a moment to vote for my daughter,Madison's picture on Facebook. I know some people don't don't do the Facebook thing but if you are we would appreciate your vote. This is a photo contest with a chance to win a piece of hunting gear for the top vote getters. So far though she's just having a blast checking the votes to see if anybody else likes her deer -lol-. The picture your looking for is the one below. You can vote once each day until it closes on tomorrow. I'll keep bumping this up once and awhile. Hope that's ok. Thanks for the help guys

Voting link http://woobox.com/4civoc

I was asked to update with what rifle she took it with
Rem 700 sps tactical .223
B&C m40 stock
Nikon buckmaster 6-18
sireea 67gr gameking at 3100fps

Ok guys todays the last day of voting and were holding a good lead this morning. Votes close at 4pm mountain so please go vote one last time. You guys have been great and we truly appreciate the help.
Rats! I didn't see this 'till after vote closing. sorry...

Great picture and a very good deer! Cool that she hunts and likes being out there in the back country!

Hope she wins/won this.

Sorry I don't do facebook, but I would vote if I did. Looks like she is winning though. Let us know the final result.
Appears safe to say she's secured a victory by a wide margin!

guys we need your vote one last time today our competition made a big run and are only 20 some votes down so please take a minute to go hit the contest one last time. The contest ends at 4pm mountain time
No update yet guys it went crazy at the end and I think facebook thought I was spamming them and im locked out of my account Ill let you know what happens
Sorry the update is soo late guys but yes she won it was a crazy race to the finish

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