Deer Crossing Sign


Jan 23, 2006
Manatee County, Florida
Many years back, I was scouting for a place to hunt deer within the Huron National Forest of Michigan. I had never driven there before but soon encountered a deer crossing yellow sign by the roadway. I stopped and walked back about 100 yards looking for a deer trail. Finding nothing, I reversed my steps and found a heavily used deer trail about 50 yards past the sign. I followed the trail for about half mile into the forest where it crossed another deer trail. So I made a plan to hunt within sight of the two trails but back aways so that any movement would not be seen by wary deer. I cleared a couple shooting lanes so I could fire my 30-30 carbine without brush in the way. Opening morning of deer season found me sitting on a mat ready to shoot. At about 8AM, a doe walked down one trail and a dandy six pointer followed close behind. I lined up my open sights on the chest of this buck and squeezed off a shot. The Winchester bucked slightly as the blast echoed through the forest and the buck toppled after a few jumps. He never knew what hit him. I was delighted that a plan came to fruition because of that deer crossing sign! TR
That's actually a good idea. The problem I have is none of those signs are near any public land that I hunt on.

I do know where a similar bear crossing sign is located in North Georgia where the road splits 2 tracts of public land. I know for a fact that area has one of the highest bear populations in GA. Even seen a dead one on the side of the road near the sign.