Young Pennsylvania buck

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Jan 23, 2006
Manatee County, Florida
I was hunting my favorite ambush spot where two deer trails cross. Just before dusk, four deer ambled along one of the trails about 75 yards from my post. I was sitting on a cushion with my back to a tall oak tree. I got a good angle on one of the deer and aligned my cross hairs upon the chest. At the shot, the rifle bucked against my shoulder as the blast echoed through the forest. The deer bounded away but toppled in mid stride after a run about same distance as two school buses. My bullet had torn through the heart and smashed a leg bone. I thought it was a doe but turned out to be a young antler-less buck; a dinner plate trophy, indeed!

My carbine is a Glenfield model 30GT and ammo used was 150 grain Power Point.

30-30 is a keeper!


Congrats. Its nice to hear about a hunter in the woods watching a crossing leaning against a tree. That's old school PA hunting!!
Looks pretty tastey..My hats off to the woods hunters..Everything is harder deer hunting on the ground in thick woods .from getting in the woods without spooking everything ,to dragging one out,not to mention squirrels,and feet going to sleep from sitting perfectly still in positions that may seem comfortible at first then become uncomfortible,but you endure it because any movement rustles leaves,or a 40 pound deer walking almost right up on you looking at you,and you know you couldn't get a shot on a nice one to save your soul..I have hunted woods,and have killed some good deer,but I get burnt out on it fast.I am never satisified with were I'm sitting always thinking the next spot looks better,then I'm not satisified with it..It takes patience that I just don't have anymore..Congratuations
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