Defense Review article on FN SCAR

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Dec 24, 2002
Wichita, KS
There has been a little buzz about this rifle here and elsewhere, so I thought some of you guys would find this interesting (it didn't turn up in a search, so I hope I'm not reposting something thats already been posted).

Plus FN has some pretty good looking advertising, here's their ad for the SCAR (I put in a link instead of an img tagged link because its pretty freakin big). SCAR.jpg

Too bad the fascists that run FN don't like selling their finery to us serfs :mad:
Too bad the fascists that run FN don't like selling their finery to us serfs

Word is there will be a civy FN2000, the P90 is in the pipe as well. They seem to be doing better then some other companies.
Another thread has those pics of the civvie legal P90 and FN2000, and according to a n FN representative there is also going to be a SCAR available. FN is doing way better than HK, Sig, or other gun companies in bringing modern rifles and pistols to the market (think Five-SeveN as well).
Great post Zundfolge!

The .308 looks nifty. The system looks almost identical to the Robinson Armaments XCR.

I doubt they'll open up citizen sales.
Why is the muzzle velocity of the 7.62x51mm varient only 2342FPS? Thats not much better than 7.62x39mm. :confused:
Deep Blue: Given that the SCAR-H shown is the shorty CQC model, why would you expect the velocity to be much higher? The barrel is probably no longer than 12".
...and, considering it was a 147 grain (as opposed to a 123 grain) bullet...

a "tad" more power.

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