Diamondback Birdshead Sidekick 2023


Aug 3, 2022
Well it looks like Diamondback is in on the birdshead short barrel revolver train. I really like my standard sidekick, and I really like my heritage rough rider birdshead barkeep that I converted over to a 9 shot. For me I think this is gonna be a real winner if diamondback solves the extraction issues with this production run that the first run of sidekicks has.



Also for anyone who doesnt know the plow handle sidekick will take Ruger Wrangler grips incase you want to switch them out.

Internet searching is telling me Q2 of 2023 is the target release date.

It is really fun to see another company get in on the inexpensive revolver gravy train.
Looks interesting, especially the 9-shot DA set up with “Western” SA styling. Sort of an H&R 999 inspired look but without the top break of the H&R. :)

Stay safe.
Well, I guess I am on the 22/22wmr gravy train. I have the pietta 1873 with both cylinders (10 shot), a heritage with both cylinders (6 shot) and a ruger single six with both cylinders (6 shot) . Now I have the birdshead sidekick (9shot) SA/DA. didn't nead it, but wanted it - reminds me of my H&R 929 sidekick.

it is a fun little gun.

SA trigger is fair, DA trigger is stiff. but it does have the DA option, unlike the other above, except the H&R.

Bought mine a few weeks ago, no extraction issues so far.

There is a disclaimer saying don't dry fire it or it voids you warranty, I read somewhere this was what was causing the extraction issues.