Do you bring tools to the range?

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Yes, I started to carry tools with me just in case for reasons like that where people need either a tool or some kind of lube/grease. It has saved a few people some heartache and hassle a time or two.
I bring a multitool, lube, boresnakes, several 12ga patches, and some swabs... enough for just the simplest of repairs or maintenance. I like the wooden dowel suggestions above, and will probably adopt that idea.

More importantly, though, I bring at least one spare gun (and its ammo). If I have a problem at the range I'd rather just swap it out and continue enjoying my time there, then fix the problem when I get home.
In my range bag I have the following tools.

Assorted Hex & Torq wrenches
Small ratcheting screw driver set
Torque wrench (for scope rings etc)
Needle nose pliers
3 piece metal cleaning rod
.30 cal ammo can with cleaning kits for any caliber and tools for most anything, including a hammer, hey, you never know.
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