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Jul 2, 2015
I began working 65hr a week back in April and have absolutely no time. I am usually bow hunting every weekend and a few times a week before daylight savings starts. Not this year! Been out bow hunting 2x this year. I decided that for rifle season I would take vacation time and hunt all week. Monday started off hunting with 2 buddies at their place. Around 9am one shoots a medium size doe. Around 10am I see deer step into the field and work their way out of sight. 10min later I hear running and here comes about 6-7 doe. I try stopping the biggest one but no dice. Next thing I know, a shot rings out and they scatter. I had 2 in the scope at 115yards but chose to pass. Went to lunch and came back and my buddy shoots doe #2 right before dark.

I decided Tuesday and Wednesday I would do some stuff around the house and hunt the rest of the week solo. I woke up this morning and wasn’t going to go because I was enjoying doing nothing. I decided last minute to go and gave myself 15min before legal light to get in the woods. The roads only 100yards from woods so I figure good to go. I know they bed to the West behind a house and feed in a corn field to the East so I setup on the ground watching the field edge to the north east. I decided to take the Marlin 1895 for the extra range in case I needed to shoot the field. I sat until about 730 which is sunrise and realized I couldn’t see squat more than 40yards. I stood up and grabbed my pad and walked 10ft and see a white tail and rack running away from me going NW. I thought to myself, what luck! Should have stayed put! Last year I had a nice buck and doe come out of the east and offer me shots (I got winded) from the tree I first chose to lean against. I stood there debating and thought maybe I could cut the buck off and head west myself. I sat down about 50 yards of my first tree, began texting a buddy and saw something run by. I said to myself, Coyote! It ran to the East and I figure my hunt was over. I started making doctors appointment on my phone and look up and see a single deer run through the little clearing. I figure it was the buck again and went back to my phone. I look up again and see a small doe fawn standing there eating in a tree and see movement behind her. Another doe fawn steps out from west to east and I see my shot opportunity on the bigger doe. I sent 300gr Winchester HP through the thorn vines and she took off. The 2 fawns proceeded to run right at me and toward the road. I look up and see the doe just standing there and then she tries to run. I shot again and she took off out of sight. I figure I missed so decided to wait a little bit. 10min later it got the best of me so I figure look for blood.

I stand up and guess who is not coming toward me? The buck! He spooks and goes west. I walk down and no blood. I pause and replay and take
A few steps and I see blood. I figure gotta be good and then it stops. I pick it back up again and find her laying 10yards from the 2nd shot. first shot punched lungs and 2nd shot guts. Back to the truck for a sled and knife I get her cleaned out and into the jet sled. Back at the truck I realize I forgot my ramp for winching then into the bed of the truck so I text a buddy from work and he’s 10min away. We loaded her up and I headed home to hang Christmas lights. I’ve got 3 more days of vacation left and 2 more tags so probably buck hunt the rest of the week.

FYI she looks small in the pick cause I was elevated but she was full of milk and weighed I guess 100lbs.


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A 100 lb. doe is BIG down here. They usually go at 90 or less where I hunt.

That's lung blood (pic 1) for sure. Congrats!
We grow em big around here. Especially when we are picky about what gets shot. I’m still #2 heaviest doe for the butcher we use. If I remember right she was 126 or 136lb dressed. That was in 2017.
Thanks guys. I figure her to be a 2yo or older seeing how she had twins with her and some milk left. Went out last night and didn’t see squat. Still had a nice vacation though. 2 more days of rifle season in 2 weeks and then muzzy season.
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