DON'T DO IT!!! Reloading when tired :(

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Jan 3, 2006
The Dark Side of the Moon
I knew it was time to call it quits last night... but for some silly reason, I wanted to use the last couple primers in my Safety prime tray...

So I proceded to misfeed a primer.... then when I went to put it into the cup manually, I put it in upside down.... so I had to pop off the shell plate and priming arm, so I could dump out the primer and put it in right side up...:confused:

On the next case... I some how rushed putting the bullet on, and shoved a bullet up into the rifle charging die..... then in the process of trying to dislodge the bullet, I spilled ~1/3 of the powder in my Auto-disk hopper all over the bench and floor....:(

About a half our later, I had the powder swept up off the bench, the floor vacuumed and the bullet popped out of the rifle charging die....:uhoh:

Inteligence is the ability to process observations and data in a logical manner to come to a well reasoned conclusion.

Wisdom is different.... as it relates to actually adjusting your behavior to match your well reasoned conclusions.

I finally got wise and went to bed :eek:
Tierd, "mind on other things", or just in a hurry are always good reasons to sit back and say wait a minute here...

Once it was getting late, I just got done reloading a bunch of 40's and decided I could switch and do the 50 9mm I had on the shelf and was in so much of a hurry I pulled the disk and forgot to put the other one in. Needless to say once I realised what was going on I had a full drum of powder layin on the bench, press, and my feet. What makes it even worse while I was sitting there wondering what the heck was going on and why was powder pouring out I forgot all about that I could have just turned the measure and shut it all off...

Lesson learned are best lessons taught.
Too Tired...

I set my reloading "bench" up by sliding it over the end of the kitchen table. Needless to say, my wife doesn't appreciate having to eat her breakfast somewhere else, on her lap! One night, things ran longer than I had planned; I did a bunch of .270 rounds with IMR 4350, then swapped to IMR 4831 for the .257 Roberts. Both containers came downstairs at the beginning of the evening, and at 2:30AM when I finished with the 4831, I dumped the leftover powder (quite a bit of it!) into the jug, and turned it to put on the lid. I had dumped it into the 4350... Had to get rid of almost a pound of powder between the two.
It's why I have started yet, despite wanting too. By the time our daughter is asleep and things are cleaned up, it's just too late to start. Plus with her cutting her top teeth, sleep is neither long nor guaranteed. :p

So in the interest of not screwing things up. I'm just waiting for the right amount of free time.
I don't miss those days at all....
Yeah, I don't think I will too. However, on the plus side while she was up late a few nights ago we all watched some tv together and since I get home late and leave early, well sometimes I don't get to do that nearly as much as I would like. Still it's random like nothing else last night she went down by 9:30, got up once at midnight and didn't get up till 7:00 AM!
We've all done it. Push it a little too far. We learn, and we move on. :)
A friend gave me similar advice when working with saws and cutting lots of wood (ripping to rough dimension). It's easy to start to get tired and hypnotized with potentially bad results.
I once loaded over 2000 rounds one night in my sleep. However when I woke up the next morning I didn't actually have any. I was tired from working all night though. :)
Doing anything when you're tired is bad!;)

In my experience, things tend to spiral out of control when I'm tired! When I feel tired or rushed for time, I don't do anything that requires thinking!:rolleyes:
Ouch...a comedy of errors. I had to laugh a little bit...because I've been there and no matter what you try it's just not going to go your way. Nowadays if I get distracted enough to make an error I shut down for the night. I just quit and come back another time.

Glad to hear it all ended well.
My wife can't understand why I won't let her tell me about her day while I'm loading - makes perfect sense to her tho because as she puts it 'I'm not doing anything important' :rolleyes:
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