Employee with toy gun and sword attacks co-workers

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I'm not sure what sort of facility the perp will be visiting in the near term, but he could inherit the ornithological hobby of Rbt. Stroud (the Bird Man of Alcatraz) if he has a good line of sight to some baskin' robins.

I think a toy gun and a real (fake) sword sure put a new twist on workplace attacks -- no doubt the news will swirl though conventional news outlets, sprinkled with cutting commentary and drizzled with ignorance. FInding ant-gun propaganda based on this (even if he didn't have a real gun) will probably be a sundae outing.

But no one was killed (though at least one woman was slightly malt), which is the most important thing -- aren't we all glad that this conehead is safely in custardy? While this could be a conversation full of churning anger, I'm grateful that cooler heads have prevailed.

And of course, this incident serves as a reminder that when a coworker seems to have gone bananas, split.

(I promise to stop dishing these out soon.)

"They did a great job, but it is not something we recommend," Terry said.
The police always recommend you calmly wait to be executed (er, I mean "saved":rolleyes:). That tactic worked great at VT...good thing nobody subdued the shooter while he was reloading...it would have been against the recommendations of LE profesionals.
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