Engraved S&W 686

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I think it looks quite cool. Some engravings are too ornate but with this one, while also way over top, has a modern look to it IMHO.
Interesting from an artistic point of view, not something I would personally want. The execution was very well done though.

The side of the trigger was engraved, can't say I recall seeing that before.
Not a fan of engraving, but that is well done.

I appreciate the skill, a bit of engraving can add some aesthetic appeal, they should have stopped with the frame. The barrel engraving ruins the overall look.
Interesting that the people who normally don't like engraving do like this one. I do like engraving, but this one leaves me a bit cold. It's too industrial, or carbon fiber-y, or something - but I can see why some folks would like it.

I will say that I really don't like the grips put out by S&W these days - and I note that replacement grips are unlikely to align with the engraved border. Although I suppose that if you can afford the gun, you can afford to send it to a custom grip maker!
Would be a tough call. For the cost of that one, I wouldn't be shooting it.
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