Engraved S&W 686

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A lot went into it, thats for sure. Like a few of the others said, super ornate engraving isn’t my cup of tea but thats not too bad in my eyes.

I have never fired a fully engraved gun like that one, all I own with “engraving” are the cheesy scrolling on a Remington 1100 shotgun receiver. For those who do shoot ornately engraved handguns with all those little crannies, are they hard to clean up after a shooting session?

Stay safe.
I rather like it. The balance of black and white is nicely done. It's got a real Victorian/Steampunk vibe going on. And, for me, a couple of things I haven't seen before: the twin-lined scrollwork, and the black 'quilted' areas. I like the treatment of the trigger as well (which also seems to show the only evidence of a human hand at work).

But, geez, you go through all this hugga mugga with the engraving and then you slap on plywood grips? Seriously?
I'd like to see what other options of engraving are available by the same artist. I think it looks pretty good, just a bit over the top.
Like others have opined, I'm not much into engraving (except on nice doubles) but the engraving on this revolver draws me like a moth to a flame. I like it.
I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers. Oh, wait, never mind. I am a fan of engraving on stainless pistols and revolvers. But... a post-lock, MIMed 686, sorry.

And over 3 grand? WTH?
Showing off what can be done at their performance center. Would be nice to have a name with that level of engraver doing the work.
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