fathersdays range report from me from the scenic view of utah hills

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by saiga308, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. saiga308

    saiga308 Member

    Jan 18, 2018
    trucker long hauling everywhere LOL

    well i huffed and puffed my sorry 60 year old hide up a hill in utah today to bring you a fathersday range
    shooting and started off with the canik 9mm tp9sa but as you see i forgot i pushed the decocker button down tango_face_surprise.png so it would be more safe and on safty and in all that ecitment i forgot i did it earleir so i had to chamber another round ..i was shooting a a 40 yard shot down the hill a open area with some smaller rocks or bushes i started to the left and then when using the s&w 459 i move to the right a little the camera is the old cheap one still and the next videos will be a better cammera i just got today the Ruger sr40 cal shot the best group over all why? i guess the trigger job kit i done to it bring it too a 3lb pull did the trick , btw the 40 cal rounds where perfecta 170 gr store bought the 9mm rounds where 115 gr reloads from fedarms i used a shooting stick to steady my aim you see
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  2. Highland Lofts

    Highland Lofts Member

    May 1, 2019
    I like it. Looks nice there. It would be fun shooting at a place like that where you can shoot some distance.
    A couple of years ago I promised my seven year old grandson (eight next weekend) that I would take him out shooting every weekend from early spring when the snow is gone up in the mountains until winter comes again and the snow prevents us from driving up to the Forest Service gravel pits which are several miles off the main road.

    We have three of our grandkids 24/7 and have the flu going from one to another & another. This weekend happened to be my grandsons turn to be sick. I was really looking forward to yesterdays Fathersday shoot with my grandson but it didn't happen
    Since early April we have went out every weekend but one.
    If it is raining i attach a tarp to the back of the cap and set the table & chairs under the table.

    We will be back out again next weekend and hit it again.

    Every shooting trip we pick up our brass and brass left by others. We also pick up the garbage shotgun hulls and steel rifle & pistol cases left by others. It's an every weekend event.

    Thank you for shareing you fathersday report.

    We shoot up in the Cascade Mountains back in the mountains off the county road on to the forest service roads. We see a cougar on one of our outings.
    This Mt Whitehorse, across the street from where we cut in.

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  3. Monac

    Monac Member

    May 17, 2014
    Southeast Wisconsin
    Thanks for putting up the video, saiga308. I have only been in Utah once, many years ago, and that was up around Salt Lake City, where it was really desolate. It was good to see what a rural area of the state looks like. The scenery is so different from where I live. I could not tell what you were shooting at, but I hope you were hitting it!
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