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Feb 28, 2020
If you had to pick your favorite cartridge for a revolver, other than 357, what would it be?

I reload so as long as brass and bullets are available, ammo availability isn’t a concern. I’ve been looking at 327 fed, 41 mag and 44 mag.
My fav handgun cartridge IS a 357 mag., mostly because these days, it does everything I need a handgun cartridge to do...

BUT, the 44 mag. is running a close second, probably because of my years of shooting it in competition, and of course, hunting with it too..

The last big game animal I shot with it, was a nice 8 point buck.

For my needs, its easily the .223

If reloading 22lr was more practical, that would take over first place.

Well, I feel like a goof. Didn't realize what sub forum this was in.

In that case, .38 special for me. One of my best handguns I ever had was a k38 target, made circa 1950. That was one of the handguns stolen from me several years ago, and never got replaced. I do have a nice k22 that scratches the same itch however.
I have a 10mm Gp100 and it makes a fine revolver cartridge, comparable to the 357 in power. Also have a 29 and have to say the 44 Mag is likely my second favorite revolver cartridge after the 357, I have 1 44, 1 10mm and 4 357's. I have a great interest though in 327 Federal and will likely be looking for a Single Seven at some point.
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