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Fight Like Heck

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Matthew Temkin, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Matthew Temkin

    Matthew Temkin Member

    Mar 13, 2003
    As a resident of N.Y.C. I am stuck with absurd gun regulations--which is what the liberals intend to impose nationwide.
    We have a rifle/shotgun permit in effect, which costs $140 every 3 years, as well as a $91.50 fingerprint fee. At the moment there is a 3-6 month wait until it is issued.
    We can only register one gun every 90 days, and assault weapons are banned.
    What does N.Y.C. consider to be such a weapon...
    Anything--regardless of action--that has a magazine that holds more than 5 rounds.
    Which means that a Winchester Model 73 or 94 is a banned weapon-unless one wants to have it modified to hold only 5 rounds.
    A pistol premise pistol license--forget about a full carry--costs $340 every 3 years as well as the fingerprint fee.
    And it takes multiple trips downtown and other hoops to obtain.
    And there are more laws coming down the pike--for other N.Y.S. counties as well.
    Please do not feel secure because you do not own one of the current "evil" guns--because many in power want them all.
    After 9/11 politicians finally caught on that gun control was political suicide.
    And despite the media claims to the contrary, it still is.
    You all must contact your legislators--reminding them that they work for you--and remind them of this simple fact.
    The enemy is out in the open--and he feels strong-- and and the fight is on.
    Let's go for broke!!!
  2. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    Dec 6, 2010
    It could be worse, you could live in Chicago.

    Ok, bad humor. Let me try for dark humor instead;

    Let's all hope 2013 stays out of the US History books.
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