Files/stones for metal work?

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Feb 13, 2005
I'm looking at doing some work on a project 1911.

I need to do things like fitting a slide stop, and firing pin stop. I'll be using an EGW firing pin stop so I need to cut the bevel as well. I need to fit an extractor and polish it up as well.

If possible to do by hand, I'd also like to smooth out the sharp edge on the bottom outer edge of the slide. Nothing major, just want to go real slow and give it a light pass or two to smooth it without removing too much metal or causing damage. I was thinking maybe a stone would work for this?

Does anyone have recommendations for some beginners tools that won't break the bank? I'm not sure exactly what tools I need.
You want to make sure you hold your work piece in a good vise and learn to make short even strokes so not to round sharp edges, I use dykem on the parts and mark the area to be worked on with a scribe than take off the metal to the line. Its a good idea to put the parts together often to check fit.
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