Finishing metal that you had to file?

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May 22, 2009
Charleston, South Carolina
This has always been a mystery to me. I recently got a new CZ-52 9mm barrel that required some fitting on the barrel and the roller cam to work in my gun. Nothing major - about half an hour with a file or so.

The thing is, I now have some parts of the metal that were originally blued that I had to file that have had the finish removed.

They're internal so it's not a visual issue, but for rust prevention, etc, should I worry about applying a finish (cold blue, etc) or just leave it in the white and oil it?

I'd probably cold blue it, just because.

But it will do little or nothing for rust prevention.

you could pickup some rust blue and give it a shot

full disclosure, im waiting for my solution to come in from brownells and have not tried it yet.
Cold blue it for looks if it shows. If it doesn't show you can cold blue it for your own reasoning. As mentioned oil would probably work better as a rust preventative.
If any of the surfaces slide against each other, leave it bare and just oil it. Blued metal doesn't seem to slide as smoothly as bare metal does.
Thanks for the advice guys. The area that I had to attend to is completey hidden when the gun is reassembled so I guess I'll just oil it and call it a day.

FYI to anyone else looking at one of these Federal Arms replacement barrels that may be floating around: the chamber on mine is VERY tight. Factory stuff seems to fit ok, but for my reloads I have some rounds that actually fit a Lyman case gauge that won't fit this barrel.
After filing I use progressively finer grades of paper down to 1600. Then metal polish. Some of the polishes have some level of oxidation protection, so decent oil on top does pretty good.
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