FNH FNS 9 first range trip review

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Sep 16, 2005
Finally got a chance to take it out and shoot! Its the 4" all black, factory NS, 3-17rd mags, no safety version. I gotta admit, after dry firing it for a week, and wasn't able to keep the front sight from popping right every pull, I was wondering how it would shoot! The answer is fantastic!! Put a 150rds of Winchester 124gr NATO through it today without any problems at all. The night sights are very bright in the dark, with the front sight being unusually tall, but shots were exactly to poa for me(POI hitting top of front post). The trigger is very Glock like, but is lighter and smoother then the standard Glock trigger. Definitely less mushy then any 3.5 Glock trigger, and about the same pull! The flat back strap was a no go for me, but the round one fits just right, much like a Gen 4 without a strap. There is still a ton of oil draining out of this thing, even after detail stripping and cleaning it all out dry and greasing, someday it will stop bleeding!! lol:) Not sure if it was from the factory or previous owner, but there was way too much in it. Accuracy was unbelievable for me with a striker fire gun, It shot right with my CZ P01, posting some ragged 1 hole 10 shot groups at 25'. Very happy with pistol! For what these cost new, Glock better step it up, as this is a great value in the fantastic plastic market. Only downside is the cost of magazines, and maybe finding a holster you like. I keep this one in my drawer with a TLR-1 hooked to it, so that don't matter to me. The P01 don't need no stinking review!! It shot like any other CZ I have owned, exactly were its aimed! It ran perfect too....;)
Yep, FN doesn't get much love, underrated pistols. Have the FNX40 what an awesome firearm. FN did screw up with the mags, for the 9mm the FNX and FNS are different mags, but for the 40 the FNX and FNS share the same mag. Keep an eye out on this site, they run sales on FN mags from time to time, I've picked up probably 15 or so for around 20-25 bucks. http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi
I love my FNX-45!
Just recently swapped out the fire control to do away with the safety.
Just bugged me having that there on the decock lever, too much chance I'd sweep it on and forget to take it off in a stress situation. I'm used to most all my other semi-autos not having a safety.
Got the replacement decock only FCG from an FNP-45 from Midwest, dropped right in to the FNX.
JD, What did you do to the P-01 to get it to shoot 1" groups at 25 yds??
the fnh pistols really are criminally underrated. I love my fns40 and fnx9. Due to the mags being interchangeable, i plan on picking up an fns40 compact later this year when cool weather carry makes a come back for me.

Very solid, very reliable, very accurate, and I think they are quite handsome compared to some polymer pistols out there.
I bought an FNX-40 last year intending to use it as a duty pistol. I shoot that thing nearly as well as I do my Kimber 1911.

Great gun, until you go shopping for accesories, spare magazines, and leather. It'll go to my southpaw son one day.
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