Foam for hard case...where to buy?

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Sep 6, 2009
I have a couple hard cases I need foam for. I want to be able to cut out sections of the foam to hold various items in the case.

One is for a small case that will hold an electronic varmit call (speaker + remote).

Another is for some surgical optics with light, battery, charger, etc.

I hear closed cell foam is better?

Where have you bought/seen such foam?

Had my wife check at the craft stores and all they had is white and I want black/dark gray and possibly there is better foam out there for what I need.

Thanks guys!
Try a upholstery shop, that does auto seats. Be ready to spend some money I tried couple of weeks ago and the foam I needed for a project like yous was as much as a new hard case.
I recently found this website:

they have tons of different foams, and even have neoprene rubber foam like for wetsuits and mouspads (could make a nice cheekpad).

But the foam you want is probably the closed-cell Crosslinked Polyethylene, which is available in big (40"x80") sheets in different thicknesses on the page linked above. It's a little expensive, but it will not absorb moisture like the open cell foams will.
My favorite for doing replacement foam in cases in the Pelican Pick-N-Pluck, it's the same kind of foam as Batty67 posted but it's been die cut to make customizing it quick and easy.

To install it permanently into the case, I spray a coat of spray adhesive on the inside of the case and sliding the foam in before it gets tacky. This way you avoid snagging edges (and especially corners) on super sticky adhesive and you still get a good bond.
Great info...I came across those pelican pick and pull foam sets. Those seem like they would be ideal.

Thanks guys.
Do not store your gun or any valuable instruments in any type of foam or fabric case. Foam lined cases were designed for shipping purposes, not long term storage. Foam will absorb moisture from the air on a humid day or inside a house with a humidfier running and transfer it directly to your any metal. If you're going to do this anyway at the very least get some dessicant packs and keep them in the case. I have personally seen more guns than you would believe rusted from being stored in foam and fabric cases.
To to the bed sheets section of wal-mart and look for a matress pad. Same type of foam (though usually white or tan colored) and you can get a twin-sized bed one for about $10.

As noted, not for long term storage, but the original foam isn't any better in that regard.
Last time I ordered replacement foam for my Pelican case, had the best prices. It's been a while though.

Thanks guys. I ended up finding some foam for free that worked for what I was doing...price was right! :)
go to wal-mart buy egg crate foam mattress topper and layer it. A king size will do like 10 cases. I've used this stuff in pistol cases works like a charm!
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