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For the Hawaiian members

Discussion in 'Legal' started by crashresidue, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. crashresidue

    crashresidue Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    Maui HI

    On Channel 4 (HNL) last night, they did a blip about HI's gunlaws (strictest in the Nation) and then added this little tidbit.

    After the Xerox shooting, the local PD has Officers that talk to your personal physician about your mental stability before they will clear you to purchase a new weapon.

    Did you get that - under the state law, since the Xerox shooting, they can violate "patient/doctor" conventiality! ***?

    I've got a call into my "PCP" to find out if he's been questioned about the new weapons I've bought. I haven't heard back from him - but when I do, if I find out the answer is "Yes" to they called and he talked to them - well, I've done my LAST medical treatment here!!!

    My collection is then headed back to the mainland, and I'll keep a few "throw aways" here for self protection.

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