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Feb 11, 2004
western Missouri

Angry, frightened residents gird for arrival of released serial rapist
Convict to wear tracking device -- cops offer tips to community

Demian Bulwa, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, May 7, 2004


Kari Chavez, a 32-year-old Vacaville manicurist, walked into a gun shop Thursday and bought a .357-caliber Magnum revolver.

"And I won't hesitate to use it if he walks into my house," she said.

Chavez was referring to 48-year-old serial rapist Patrick Ghilotti, who within days is expected to move in across the street from her, her husband, Frank, and their 3-year-old daughter, Alyssa.

Her blunt words summed up the emotions of many in Vacaville after a Marin County judge on Wednesday made Ghilotti the third sexually violent predator to be released from the state's 8-year-old mandatory treatment program for convicted sex offenders at Atascadero State Hospital.

Ghilotti is to move into his wife's Silvey Acres Drive home "at the earliest practicable time" after he agrees to a list of conditions that include wearing a tracking device at all times, wrote Judge Stephen Graham.

The state has struggled mightily to find places where sexually violent predators can live without being chased away by furious residents. Following suit, Vacaville neighbors vowed Thursday to make their city of 95,000 unlivable for Ghilotti. They said Ghilotti was too dangerous to be released and, at any rate, shouldn't live in Solano County when he committed his crimes in Marin County.

State Department of Health spokeswoman Nora Romero said her office had tried unsuccessfully to find Ghilotti an apartment or motel in Marin County. That didn't sit well with folks in Vacaville.

"The neighbors' property values are destroyed, their way of lives are destroyed, and the court doesn't seem to care," Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine said at a City Hall news conference. "I just hope he decides Vacaville is not the place for him."

Neighbors hung signs outside their homes reading "Experiment with rehabilitation somewhere else" and "Nightmare on Sylvie Acres." Lucio Cortez said she and her husband, who have two children, ages 2 and 7, had told their landlord they were moving. Bob and Helen Beougher said they were installing security doors and windows and an alarm system.

Bob Beougher also said he was so frustrated that he couldn't comfort his wife, who spent much of the day in tears.

"I can't help her," he said. Pointing to the added security measures at their home, he added, "I have to build a prison."

Police were providing counseling in English and Spanish to frightened residents, going door to door to advise people on door locks and lighting and vowing to increase patrols through the neighborhood. City officials are studying whether they can seek an injunction barring Ghilotti's release to Vacaville.

Ghilotti's wife, Janet Frankhouser, who was an employee at Atascadero when they met, has declined interview requests. His Marin County public defender, George Shea, did not return a phone call Thursday.

Ghilotti was convicted in 1979 of raping three San Rafael women and became known as the "Lincoln Avenue Rapist." He served three years in prison.

He was convicted again in 1985 of raping a Ross woman and served 12 years. In March 1988 Ghilotti became one of 467 people who have been placed in the sexually violent predator program, and he received intensive therapy and surgical castration.

Under his release, Ghilotti must wear a satellite tracking system, submit to random drug tests and searches and cannot attend any of a list of large Marin County public events, including the county fair. After a year, he will be evaluated and becomes eligible for unconditional release.

Ghilotti is the third sexual predator to be released from Atascadero. Brian DeVries, 45, lives in a trailer at Soledad State Prison. Cary Verse, 33, lives in a San Jose motel after being booted from housing in Mill Valley and Oakland amid local outcry.
How likely is it a sex offender will commit another sex crime after he is castrated? You'd think that if they go to such measures that it would be pretty effective.
How likely is it a sex offender will commit another sex crime after he is castrated?

I don't know. However, castration removes the ability to penetrate with the penis, nothing else. Perhaps it removes the hormonal "cause" of rape. But one way or another, rape is a sign of a sick individual, and I don't trust surgery to correct that.
Prison obviously did not "cure" him, as he raped again. He should have been killed at that point.
Yet another instance where the law abiding citizens are being punished in order to guarantee a non human's quality of life.
I posted this without any comment to see if anyone else noticed somethig about the article and would comment on it. Nothing so far so here is what I picked up on.

Article starts with reporter telling about a WOMAN buying a gun for self-defense. Somewhat emotional adjectives but not hyserical reporting. No follow-up comments about this being dangerous to the woman or her family. This leaves the implication that the reporter thinks this is ok.

In California

In the SF Chronicle.

Is this reporter always sympathetic to RKBA or did he/she just have a bad day?

Are we making progress with RKBA or is this a fluke?
Prison obviously did not "cure" him, as he raped again. He should have been killed at that point.

AMEN to that! Along with all the other rapists and child molestors!!
a couple things...

1)Yes I think it's possible for a castrated person to commit a rape, perhaps not in the "traditional" sense but there is a category in the penal code called "rape with a foreign object" and a castrated male did it to a young man not more then a few years ago in new york in a park.

2) if you live in antioch CA or baypoint or areas near to them I would strongly advise you arm yourself and keep your eyes on your kids. Antioch has the highest re-release of sexual predators of almost any city in CA. One of my friends lives in Antioch and while at a friends house three men burst into the house, pistol whipped her and told her to stay in the corner while the robbed the house or else. Two of the three were caught later that night and it turner out they were BOTH registered sex offenders.

3) occasionaly I've seen decent pro RKBA articles in the chronicle and such and their anti-articles while perhaps in higher quantity are veryy poorly written and don't make any kind of case for antis. What seems more common is anti gun mentality in articles about other things especially violence.

Sad to see that iminant danger is what it takes to get people to react. Personally I'd rather be a little more proactive then that. It's like waiting to buy safe till after your robbed.
I read somewhere that castration only takes away the sexual desire, not the ability. As a matter of fact, the big joke of history is that the eunichs of the harem were still able to service the women when the sheik was out of town, and he was none the wiser because there were no resulting pregnancies.
Someone prove me wrong, but to my knowledge there is no scientific evidence that medical castration will prevent a serial rapist from commiting further crimes of this nature. On the other hand, there is no evidence that it doesn't work either.

It is still up in the air and is a great experiment.

For my opinion, someone who is a violent serial rapist isn't necessarily seeking a sexual experience. It is a horribly perverted screw-up that ties into it. Who knows how well this person is now and if he will not be deep inside his whatever mind, harboring even more tendencies for violence. The potential is there, and these poor neighbors are being forced into a social experiment. I am sure they loved paying their taxes in March...
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"Someone prove me wrong, but to my knowledge there is no scientific evidence that medical castration will prevent a serial rapist from commiting further crimes of this nature."

On the other hand, there is some anecdotal evidence that non-medical castration methods help to deter future criminal activity.

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