Funniest thing that's ever happened to you while shooting.

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I saw a kid in tactical gear pick up an M44 on a dare and proceeded to attempt to handle it like an AR. He had a priceless reaction the moment he let off the first shot.
My first handgun was a FEG SMC-380. Like most guns of its class the slide comes off by pulling down on the trigger guard and pulling the slide all the way back and pulling it up and off.

I did this little exercise at the indoor pistol range (where there is no hot/cold call). Satisfied that all was in order I put the slide back on and let it go to slam into position ...

Except, I hadn't seated the slide properly and I watched in horror as it flew off the end of the gun and clanked onto the cement floor in front of me.
Best time I had was about 30 years ago at a pistol range in Cedar Falls, IA. I was shooting a Browning HiPower 9mm, and the lady next to me was shooting a 38Special.
After repeated firing and loading and talking to lady while reloading and noticing that weather had improved, we took off our coats. I immediately noticed her outstanding attibutes, which were properly displayed in a white t-shirt. (you know where this is going). When shooting the next clip load, one of my brass loanded in a "good" spot, which caused her to drop her revolver, reach in top of shirt while hopping around, couldn't find it, ripped off t-shirt to find it stuck between both! We were the only ones there at the time. I offered my services of rubbing lotion on affected areas, and we ended up back at my place to further treat her for exposure. Also, worked on reloading, and further shooting. Then we cleaned the guns, and scheduled our next training session.

Why can't this happen now, on my 59th birthday?

I've got the same problem, I'm 68. Trouble is all the gals have wised up to those tricks and they're on the lookout for anything else we try!!
One time I bought a spare barrel for my Browning High Power. I'm at the range, I note accuracy is HORRIBLE!. Then I picked up an ejected case.
Yes. I was firing 9MMP out of a 40 S&W barrel.
A college buddy and I both had 4" Ruger Security Sixes, his was stainless, mine was blue. He left the line to make a pit stop, I put my revolver in his shooting position. The look on his face was priceless.
I brought a friend along when I went shooting earlier today. This was his first time at an indoor range and the guy in the lane next to us was sighting in a 12ga slug gun. My buddy jumped at least five feet in the air every time that thing went off.
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Or there was the time when I took a friend duck hunting with me. He was fairly new to firearms at the time and he wanted me to check out his magazine tube to make sure he put it in correctly. I unscrewed the cap and managed to launch both the plug and magazine spring about fifteen yards out into the lake.
a few friends and myself were enjoying a day of shooting up in connifer. We had been there blasting away for a couple of hours when 3 mule deer decided to stroll through our shooting area. They came within about 15 yards of us, stopped for a second and looked at us, then continued their journey on down the range. strangest thing I've ever seen.
It's good to have a chuckle at yourself. No sense in being too serious.

A buddy and I were shooting varmint rifles at 200 yds. The lay of the land isn't flat, there are trees around and a slight bend to the range. We were new to the range and distance estimation isn't one of our strong points. We both >insisted< it was 100 yds. I could not figure out why my rifle was shooting to point of aim. I knew I had it sighted to 200 yds and that at 100 it should be high. But it was on. Didn't register that we were indeed at 200 so my buddy whips out his new rangefinder. 100 yds it said. Neither of us believed it. "That's what you get, he said, for buying this cheap junk." Mmm-hmm.... After further puzzlement, we paced it off; and passed the 100' berm on the way out....

What an exercise in dual-humanoid-thickheadedness. It still comes up now and then, and usually leads to another thick-headed event. "Remember when that scoped XP-100 bit you >under< your eye?" Although that's another story, he has the scar to prove it!
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The only thing I can think of will bring me a lot of flak from you fellas so I'll just keep my laugh to my self.
Probably the look on my face the first time I bump-fired my AR15. T'was a little more exuberant than I was expecting.
We had been there blasting away for a couple of hours when 3 mule deer decided to stroll through our shooting area. They came within about 15 yards of us, stopped for a second and looked at us, then continued their journey on down the range. strangest thing I've ever seen.
Happens all the time at the NRA Whittington Center. They have a rule against harassing the wildlife, so the deer and pronghorn will wander right through the ranges.

Most of them must be deaf.
Only thing i guess you can call funny is, I had to collect the .223 casing from my uncles Mini 14. and had to watch to see where they land a get them. I grabbed a few and they were hot. :( I knew they were hot and had to quickly grab them.
I was shooting in one of my first cowboy matches. I fired a shot with my revolver and the ejector housing came loose and sprang forward. Actually the screw itself was tight. Apparently, the there had been a problem with the threaded hole in the barrel. They had removed more metal around the hole and filled it in with some kind of metal. Then they re tapped the hole to accept the screw. The entire plug of metal popped loose from the barrel allowing the housing to come off. Sent it back and they rebarreled the gun. Mark
Funniest thing #1 that I ever saw was a whitetail deer wonder out into the 100 yard shooting range. Hades of it is, half the fellas shooting didn't even see it, and kept shooting at their targets. No deer were injured in this experience.

Funniest thing #2 was watching a gentleman try to sight-in his new Weatherby Mark V Deluxe, in .378 Wea. Mag. He sat at the bench, sandbagged it, loaded it, and I swear, that rifle literally rolled him off the bench onto his "back-side". Well, he managed 3 shots. Then asked if I would sight-in his rifle.

Funniest thing #3 that I ever saw was when I was shooting with my father. I was just walking along, and stopped. My dad's face went white, as he pointed at the ground, and saying, "Snakes!" When I asked where, he retorted, "You're standing on them!" Seems I had located a whole nest. I stopped a few feet away, and emptied 9 rounds of buckshot into the nest and fast as I could work that Mossberg 590, and wouldn't cha know, there were still snakes left crawling around.

was out with a few friends shooting at a local pit. well im dusting slay piegons at about 50 yards with my 1911. slide locks back on the last round and as i reaquire the sights i notice something sticking up on the slide. well i instantly thing the ejector or magazine was sticking out the top of the slide. nope, the last round was ejected did a few flips and landed just like this. my buddy snapped a picture for proof lol

The wandering deer stories reminded me off an all-day shoot at the squad-weapons range. From 0700 to 1800 everyone in the battery got to take his turn lighting up the M60 & the Ma Duece; we had our full complement set up side by side. We put thousands of rounds down range. The only thing on that range was a small bush; our elevation was limited to fire over it. Once the final cease-fire was called and all was quiet, a young deer jumped up from behind that bush and hauled @zz. Poor thing had been pinned down all day.
I don't know if others will find it funny, but I sure found it stupid. I shot a box of Fiochii 9mm through a new Walther PPQ. No problems. I then grabbed the next box of ammo, which was by Sellier & Bellot. It wouldn't extract. I tried several rounds before quiting.

After checking the size of the round with a caliper, I discovered it was 9mm Browning.
I bought a box of 9mm to run in a new LC9, had so many FTF in the first 25 rounds had to waste 100 rnds of carry ammo just to make sure it wasn't the pistol.
As dumb kids in school, I shot a .22 caliber pellet straight into the air to see if we could hear it land. We did. It came down and nailed the base of my thumbnail. It was about 0 degrees out that day. No gloves, cold hands. Yea, it felt great...
Wow, that was a great shot!
Duck hunting, I was using an open-hammer 20ga double, and took a shot almost straight up when both barrels discharged together, sorta blowing me down onto the floor of the boat. The guys across the river from me got a real boot out of it...
As dumb kids in school, I shot a .22 caliber pellet straight into the air to see if we could hear it land. We did. It came down and nailed the base of my thumbnail. It was about 0 degrees out that day. No gloves, cold hands. Yea, it felt great...
I bet the neighbors heard it land too haha
I inherited an old .22sh revolver - Omega I think. Stopped in the boonies in SC to test it out. On the 2nd cylinder the gun broke in half. I'm standing there holding the grip and trigger guard. The barrel and cylinder are on the ground with other misc parts.
My friend's wife, shooting my SKS for the first time, and when she was still a bit gun-shy of rifles, being appropriately emotionally scarred from her youth model deer gun that recoils rather hard, put a casing straight up into a lightbulb under the roof of the shed.

I put a .357 into a 1 gallon gatorade jug filled with water once, blew the neck off the bottle and rocketed it 30 feet up on a jet of pressurized water. Landed on the target stand in front of which the bottles originally sat.
When I first started working in a gun shop they put me back on the firing range as my probation period. One night there was a guy out on the range, he'd been out for a while. His friend came out to use the bathroom, so this guy was alone out in the range. I was the only one left manning the range at the time, too, as we were close to closing and the guys all ran off to start cleaning.

Anyway, the guy loads up and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. He immediately comes out into the lobby, walks up to me with the muzzle pointed at my belly, and says, "I pulled the trigger and nothing happened!"

I snatched the gun from him, thinking it would be my luck he got a slow burner and I'd take a 9MM to the gut any second, and tossed it into the "trap" just in case. I waited a minute - during this time explaining in a somewhat nicer tone what a flipping moron he was - and took the gun out of the trap. I drop the magazine... he's loaded the rounds in backwards. The slide closed alright, I'm guessing (unless the moron forced it, who knows).
The owner of my private range has an old cat. Every now and then on the 50 yard range, the cat will come around the side of the berm and walk from one side of the range to the other just in front of the target racks. On cue, everyone stops shooting and waits patiently for the cat to exit the range. Then on cue, everyone resumes shooting. Usually, not a word is said. I have no idea how that cat has managed to live so long.
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