Game Kings, vs Core Lock vs Interlock vs Whatever

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SUCESS TODAY at 3:30 pm The aforementioned 150g Speer SPBT from the 30/06 shown

170yds facing away, I dropped the bullet into the top of the deer's back and it traveled down and obliterated over a foot of spinal column lodging somewhere in the neck. Odviously DRT in the extreme, too bad for the backstraps though

I really like the Core-Lokt. I have shot them for several years in my .243 (Remington 700) with great results. My new .270 currently lives on a diet of Federal because Gander Mountain had a GREAT sale a few weeks back. However, I'll probably put it on a diet of Core Lockt tomorrow, as I left my Federal at home for our hunting vacation... :banghead::banghead::banghead: ('S ok. I have the .243 with me too. And a good thing....)

But "the best" ammo is the one you can shoot best in YOUR rifle.

Whatever my rifle likes is best for me. If there is any difference in performance on game I cannot tell. Shot placement is the key.
I like Winchester Power Points as a high quality "cheap" bullet.

I will never buy a green box of ammo again.
I got onto a premium bullet kick a few years back and experimented with nearly everything that was available. Settled on fav loads that worked well.

Key word is "works". So long as caliber and bullet are matched to game and hunt conditions, I go with what works in terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics. Core-lokts work great for me in several rifles I own and work well for the general deer hunting I do. Old timers I knew killed a lot of deer with their 06s using Core-lokt 180s.

I recall one conversation with an old fellow I admired and respected. We were talking about ammo and different ones in our group used a range of bullets and calibers. When finally asked, the old gent said all he ever used were Core-lokt 180s in his old Rem pump action 06. A man of few words, he added, "it's a killer."

He's gone now, but knew what worked.
When I had my 270 I used Sierra Game Kings for my hunting load to great affect. This year I will be hitting the woods with a 308 that will be loaded with 150gr factory Core Lokts. It is an accurate load in this rifle. If it it gives good performance on game, I will develop loads for this rifle using Core Lokts.
My goto bullet for standard calibers is the Speer Hotcore. They hold together well, are accurate and are fairly cheap. If I am pushing the velocity in the larger cases I'll go to a Grandslam, Accubond, Partition, Barnes or SST, depending on what game I am after and which bullet shoots best in that particular rifle. If I want to punch paper I shoot the Ballistic Tip.
I think that bullet companys will be like most other companies. They will just stop making bullets with lead in. Just like thermostats with mercury in are being phased out. I load all polymer tip bullets to avoid touching lead. I work around enough chemicals, I don't need to touch them when doing one of my favorite hobbies.
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