Getting started in gunsmithing

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Mar 15, 2007
I've watched some of the AGI videos and read many books on gunsmithing, and I've done some simple gunsmithing projects on my guns, but would like to learn more and do some more sophisticated work.

How does one go about getting started in gunsmithing? Is the AGI correspondence courses any good?
If AGI is the only way you can go it's better then nothing but it won't make you a gunsmith. I didn't/ don't have the luxury of attending a Brick & Mortar school and did lot's of reading, AGI videos, factory Armorer's courses and an old timer gunsmith that I could pester. I did learn how to thread and chamber barrels, cut dove tails and most important of all...not how it goes together, but why.
The old saying "it's the dangle of the angle", ie. positive, negative, neutral and a whole bunch of other things. It is a continuing education and takes time, but you can teach yourself with the help of a competent Smitty who's willing to let you look over his shoulder and ask questions. I still do not consider myself a gunsmith but more of an armorer with some machining skills and a big library of reference material.
Also you will find some real good people in this forum that can provide you with some good info. They helped me when I was stuck.

Good luck and don't give up if it's your passion.

Semper Fi.
Guns - out
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