Glock 27 gen 3 or 4

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Jan 11, 2011
South East Oklahoma
So I've decided that the glock 27 is going to be my next pistol purchase. I've researched it and there's no talking me out of it. The only problem I'm having now is figuring out which generation to get.

I've heard of gen 4 glocks throwing brass in your face, but other than that is there any major differences in the two?

The gen 3 fit my hand fine so i'm also not worried about the removable backstraps.

Thanks in advance.
I don't think it matters which gen glock you choose. If you like the gen 3 and it suites you then that's the one for you.
I rented a gen 3 g26 last week out of curiosity. Felt great in the hand while firing. Try both (if you can) and see if you like one or the other.
The Gen 4 advantages are - adjustable backstraps, bigger mag release, and dual recoil spring (the reason for the Gen 4 in the first place so the G22 would work with a light attached).

You say the Gen 3 G27 fits your hand just fine - no need for the Gen 4 in that instance.

All of the little Glocks already had a dual recoil spring - so you aren't gaining anything with the Gen 4 there either.

I believe the "brass to the face" issue affects both the newer Gen 3 and Gen 4 models that used the same ejector/extractor combination. I think this is a problem Glock is aware of and has a fix for either Gen you choose.

All you really need to decide is whether you like the larger mag release button.
I say go for the Gen 4. Better texturing on the grip and the larger magazine release. The brass in the face is common in 9mm and I haven't really heard of that issue in the .40's. Even if it did, it can be easily fixed. I fixed my Gen 4 G17 from throwing brass in my face. I think you will be well served by either Generation but I say go Gen 4.
I wonder where people got the impression that the Gen 4 and Gen 3 27's use a different recoil spring? If you check the part numbers, they are identical.
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