Glock 30S / Extended Slide Stop & Magazine Catch

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Jul 6, 2008
Calirado (formerly Colorado)
I picked up a Glock 30S & was wondering if anyone knows if any of the current Glock models extended slide stop and extended mag catch will fit it without modifications.

I would just get the extended pieces you like to fit your taste. I wouldnt imagine glock changing the internals of these on purpose, though I dont know if there was an intended improvement that required an internal change.

There are plemty of high quality aftermarket 30s parts
Sorry, I was a little confused by your post.

I like the Glock factory ones which I have used on other guns...not really interested in aftermarket parts.

A lot of the Glock parts websites don't list the 30S as a compatible model. I'm not sure if they just haven't updated the website or if they just don't fit. Just wondering if a fellow High Roader had already figured this out.
My aplolgies dave, for it was I who didnt understand your question. I kind of looked at it like, i got two glocks and wanna swap these parts out in em; not can I use these that i want to order.

Glad you found your answer! Great thing about glocks, pts. Interchangeability.
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