go to dc to show obama our numbers

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Jun 30, 2007
i think that witht he new administration we should make our presence and to let them know we arent afriad to go out in the public

anyone else agree and want to try to plan a some what of a protest in dc?
but still its something better than sitting around and griping

if we want to keep our second ammendment rights we need to get out and show it
I am deeply worried by Obama, and in the past week I have read something like 2,000,000 threads from others expressing their fears.

It would be fantastic if gun owners would be vocal early on, and in a legal, High Road way.

Last time, nobody thought a ban would happen, and if Charleton Heston had not done lots and lots of work we would have been even worse off than we were.

Our country right now is in very bad shape, and I think in two years the Democrats will need every vote they can get. Remind them how stupid a gun ban will be.

Quick belly aching and do something people!
Umm, what are we protesting? Has he proposed anything yet? Have any bills come out of committee?

I've been spending some time over at the DemocraticUnderground Forums to see what's going on in their little minds. There have been several threads about what everyone things should be on the "change" agenda. Guess what? I haven't seen gun control mentioned. Now, they do have their rabid anti-gunners among them. But, they also have pro-gunners, and also quite a few that realize gun control doesn't work. A lot of them still remember the congressional defeat that followed the Clinton AWB. Really, Obama and the Dems are going to have a very full plate dealing with economic issues, the war, any homeland security issues, and a whole bunch of other things they've been promising the masses.

I'm not saying don't worry, I'm saying stay vigilant, but don't panic. If you've got a new Dem representative as of yesterday, do what you always do and let them know--at an appropriate time--how important this issue is to you and your neighbors.

Might be an expensive trip but I would be very interested in going. I might have a couple friends that I might be able to talk into going with me to cut down on costs.
If something were to come up and he tried to pass some anti-rkba law or some ban on CCW, I think it would be worth the trip to DC. I could probably convince a few friends to come along too!
A preempted protest. Get organized before the bill hits the floor of Congress. We all know it's coming. Plan a rally for April or May. Send a suggestion to one of the 2a groups.

I went to the SAS on in Washington were we counter Rosie and here bunch. I met some folks from all over. Not a large crowd but we got some press.
OB already knows some 48% of those who care either way that we don't want him for president. But he is, so we don't bother him at all. Nor his party.

WE need to put pressure on our US Representitives and Senators. We won't have any influnce with the Schumers, Kennedys, Fienstines, etc. but we only need to get a few of them to back off and tip the scales. Any of them would sell their mothers into white slavery if it meant they could stay in office.
ranger but if we get a large enough group together before anything happens just to show our numbers and that we wont sit around and let our rights be screwed with it may very well may make every one in out govt think twice about voting for a new law and if something does come up then look we already did one get together or what ever you want to call it if we do 2 or 3 that shows we are organized and willing to use our numbers for what we believe in
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