Good Quality Micro GREEN Dot?


May 8, 2008
For anyone with astigmatism, the red dot on red dot sights may not be all that a green dot helps with that. Is there a GOOD quality micro green dot site out there?
Another advantage of the green dot is that it is more easily seen in bright sunlight, at least in my case. I have read that they require more power than red dots so battery life is shortened but coin batteries are dirt cheap compared to just about any other shooting component.
You won't go wrong with Holosun or Swampfox Optics. I can say that Swampfox has excellent customer service if you should ever need it, which is rare. And Swampfox has a good MIL/LEO discount program too.
Check out Viridian Weapon Technologies. They make a range of pistol green dots that are pretty good.
Holosun EPS carry with green dot. The enclosed hood makes it a breeze to keep clean when using for carry purposes. I have the red in both 2 and 6 moa. Love the six for defensive carry. I don't use or like the circle dot but the option is there. My glasses solve the starburst effect with the red. I am going to pick up a green and try it out...
I've got Swampfox, Holosun and Trijicon. I like the RMR for its lack of batteries and bulk. The 9moa green dot seems like it would be too big, but at pistol ranges it's really not. I pick it up just as fast as the circle dots on the Kingslayers and Holosun 507 Comp. I don't use an optic on my carry gun though.