Gun safe security question

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Jul 16, 2009
I have a fairly large safe. I don't have a basement, and I don't want to store it in the garage. I just put it in a downstairs room and bolted it down to the concrete slab. It would be a nightmare to move it upstairs because it weighs 500 pounds empty. Recently I had some remodeling done on the room where the safe sits. I think 5 workers came in and saw my safe. I did not talk about the safe at all and none of the workers asked about it. Should I be worried that these strangers know I have this safe?
If it truly is secure, why worry? If it is not secure, make it secure. Someone would have to tear the wall down to get my safe - IF they could carry it out full.
Yes, but life goes on.

+1. Nothing you can do now. If you any of them looked worrisome, write down all their details and store it off-site with someone you trust, so the police will have something to start with if ever a need. Obviously it's best if you keep people from knowing you have a safe, but it's not always possible. Sounds like it wasn't really possible here.
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