Happy 10/22 Day!!!

Well, you just helped me pick what to shoot today!

Funny, I was just thinking the very same thing!

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I've had my 10/22 bought at the now-defunct Service Merchandise in Lansing, IL since 1985 and it just runs and runs. A few years back I treated it to a set of new springs, but that is it for repairs. When it gets really dirty I like to take it all the way down and just scrub the receiver out in the sink with dish soap. When I was 15 I painted the stock semi-gloss black and added a Choate slip on flash hider. The set screw on the hider kept walking out, so I epoxied it on and there it has stayed ever since! I (of course) bought the gen-u-ine BX 25 Ruger mags when they became available...but the old plastic Condor 25 rounder I got when the rifle was new (also from Service Merchandise!) is still my go to! When I see new 10/22s with plastic barrel bands and other plastic parts I cringe... Damn I'm getting old and cantankerous!
Service Merchandise.
Got a Weaver scope there when I was a kid.
Gal I married years later, LOL......worked there same time (yup a few yrs older than me).
Dunno if she was involved in the transaction.
I was all about groundhog killin, not that other stuff.

Shoulda stuck to huntin' trappin' and fishin'
Yea Gads, Bannockburn, for a minute I thought you had my 10/22! Even had a picture against a carpet like that. But then I remember that was it's old configuration in the Butler Creek folder that I still have but that stock is on nothing now, sitting on a shelf. Sometime about 5 years ago I took that same receiver and popped on a TacSol X-fluted bull barrel and sanded out the folding stock to free float the barrel and added a BX trigger. Then last year, I replaced the stock with an underfolder. Shoots like a lightweight dream these days...and it was the one I picked to shoot today.

Ruger 10-22 threaded barrel underfolder right unfolded small.jpg
I didn't realize what day it is. Now I understand why my day is going so badly, and no matter what I do, nothing is going right.
Service Merchandise sold guns!?!?!?!?
No handguns as I recall, but at least Mini-14s and 10/22s (and others) at one time. So-called hi cap mags (aftermarket) and USA ammo as well. Didn't buy my Mini there BUT but ammo and off-brand 20rd mags. It was a pretty cool store in the 80's/early 90's. Last item I got there...a Waterman fountain pen as a graduation present for my wife in 2001.
MikeinOR, how do you like that stock? I have one that unfolds straight and one that unfolds angled and like the former better.
MikeinOR, how do you like that stock? I have one that unfolds straight and one that unfolds angled and like the former better.

I am quite pleased with the stock. It is sturdy, unfolds easy and makes it easy to align my eye with the reddot. It holds and shoots nicely with the stock folded. I really like how small and compact the rifle is with the stock folded. There are a few different versions of this stock. The one I have has the angled stock (vs straight stock) and the bull barrel channel. After using it I am convinced the angled stock was the right choice.

The disadvantage to this and most under-folding stocks is that they can not be folded or unfolded with a hi-capacity magazine in the rifle unlike a side folder. I knew this when I bought it and accepted this trade off.
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