Help! 410 reloaders

Ballistic products dot com has all their 410 wads in stock.
You can cut down shotgun shells.
Going a pinch lighter with shot won't hurt anything.
Cheddite primers are great, they're about 1 thousands bigger than domestic US 209s.
Try to use Win, rem, fed 209s for your first and second loads and use the cheddites on shells where the primers get lose to get one or 2 more loads out of a hull.
After all this....I found that ASKA Arms mags (or something like that) from United Sporting Arms in Choctaw OK fits the 2.5" Winchester 410 shells....and locks tight in the BCA upper. Life would have been so much easier if I'd just found these mags to begin with. Do yourself a favor; don't buy Bear Creeks Mid-America 5 round magazines, or Centerfire IFC's 10 round mags, they won't fit all 2.5" 410 rounds. The United Sporting Arms mags will! And only $11.99!
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Thank you AJC1. I don't know about comparable short wads but I'll look; from what I'm reading, almost all 410 wads are the same design. And I didn't think about having to shave down the case....that could prove difficult.

Jack Ryan and Goon, I think you both missed the point. Jack Ryan, as I stated, I don't really want "another" shotgun. The purpose was to expand my AR-style family and perhaps shoot slugs from it...eventually. Goon, I'm trying to learn shotshell reloading....that's part of the fun. If there are longer magazines, I haven't found them yet, and I've looked.
Comparable short wads? Ballistic Products sells a few. Short, longer, full length