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Jul 22, 2008
Liberal Heaven Hawaii
I can't pick between an S&W M&P .45 or a Glock.:confused:
Just curious for some feed back from you folks. I'm totally at a loss on this decision. I love both manufactuers, and think they both make a quality product. The guns I own from both makers are great. If I could, I would buy both, but I gotta pick just one.
The information the users of this forum provides is priceless. Thank you in advance.:)
I have average hands, and I find the (full size) M&P easier to get my hands around...(than a G21)

...of course you didn't specify which model of M&P, or Glock you were looking at, and for what purpose?
Should've bumped into me a month ago.... I sold my Stainless H&K USP Compact : 45acp w/ fact. night sights, polished feedramp, Safariland paddle, 2 Xtra - H&K 8rd. mags, 4 total, Hogue slip-over finger groove grips, & 100 rds. Hornady 200gr. +P JHP = $650 "out the door"

Best semi-auto big bore I've ever shot/owned & even saved my ass once!! Designed for +P ammunition, & NEVER had a feeding problem in 11 yrs. of faithfull ownership.
I own the M&P .45 The second choice was a Colt Commander. The decision for me was the cost at the end of the day.

Both guns felt really good in hand, Glocks and XD's were a bit... thumby... if that makes sense?

Buy a gun that YOU feel good holding and understand where to get to all the little bits on that gun whatever it is. Even Daffy knew to do that with the Martian ray run. :neener:
For me it was the m&p or the XD. I went with the XD. Both guns seemed equal, but the XD had higher mag cap and came with 4 mags, 2 mag holders, mag loader, holster. Much better value. I love it too, very happy with my choice. Glock never even entered the contest, I have no doubt that they are fine guns, just not for me. I will not even look at them.
Which one hmm....

Ruger P345PR(PHX)

When you hold a Ruger you know you have a Gun in your hands, not a piece of plastic.
I am biased because I love Glocks so I would say Glock 21 or 21SF.

Oh, and by the way Mascoma, that Ruger in the pick you show has a PLASTIC frame. In case you didn't know.
Get your hands, literally, on both guns, head to a nearby range, and then give each one a thorough trial, determining which best suits your needs and best fits your eye. The only person who can ultimately decide which one to get is you.
I bought both this month M&P 9c and glock 27. I like them both I would only 100% guarantee my life on the glock:cool:. I also own a glock 17 the has never failed even when I try to make it. the M&P shoots right for me out of the box and dose fit everytime I draw it. I hate the drop mag safty and I live in Mass so it has to come with a 10lb triggers:fire: for my glocks they are preban and have 5lb triggers. It dose not make the M&P a bad gun just its to young in life and I would like to see it proove it slef to the world first befor its my first choice. Heck buy both I did.:)
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